Antibody purification involves isolation of antibody from serum (polyclonal antibody), ascites fluid, or from the culture supernatant of a hybridoma cell line (monoclonal antibody). Protein L is a recombinant protein expressed in Escherichia coli (35.8 kDa; 4 IgG binding sites) and is recommended for human or mouse monoclonal antibodies known to have appropriate kappa light chains.

We offer two base supports and a variety of formats to purify antibodies using the Protein L ligand. Our portfolio is designed to meet small-scale (screening) to pilot-scale needs.

  • Multiple formats—magnetic beads, loose resin, spin columns and kits, and FPLC cartridges enable antibody purification from microgram to kilogram scales
  • High performance—resins are designed to maximize protein yield and reduce background
  • Economical—pricing is similar to or better than our leading competitors

Choose the right Protein L product for antibody purification

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 Pierce Protein L
Magnetic Beads
Pierce Protein L
Pierce Protein L Plus
Bead or resin size1 μm45–165 μm45–165 μm
Binding capacity≥110 μg human IgG/mg beads5–10 mg human IgG/mL resin10–20 mg human IgG/mL resin
Maximum linear flow rateN/A700 cm/hr700 cm/hr
SupportMagnetite coated polymerCrosslinked 6% beaded agaroseCrosslinked 6% beaded agarose
Recommended application scalescreeningbatch, pilotbatch, pilot
Formats availableloose beadsloose beads, pre-packed spin columns and kits, chromatography cartridgesloose beads
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(loose resin)
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(5 mL cartridge)
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