The main classes of serum immunoglobulins (e.g., IgG, IgM) share the same general structure, including overall amino acid composition, and solubility characteristics. These general properties are sufficiently different from most other abundant proteins in serum, such as albumin and transferrin, that the immunoglobulins can be selected and enriched on the basis of these differentiating physicochemical properties.

Featured physicochemical antibody purification categories

Melon Gel Chromatography

Melon Gel is a proprietary resin chemistry (and optimized buffer system) for purifying antibodies by chemical-based fractionation. In the specified mild buffer condition, Melon Gel resin binds most non-IgG proteins found in serum, ascites fluid and culture supernatants, while allowing purified IgG to be collected in the flow-through fraction.


Thiophilic Adsorption Kit

Thermo Scientific Pierce thiophilic adsorbent is a protein-free immunosorbent resin for gentle preferential binding and purification of immunoglobulins from a variety of sources including mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and human.

Chicken IgY Purification Kit

Thermo Scientific Pierce Chicken IgY Purification Kit purifies chicken antibodies from hen egg yolks using a unique reagent to separate protein from lipid and a precipitation reagent to selectively isolate the IgY fraction.


Ion Exchange Chromatography

Ion exchange chromatography (IEC) uses positively or negatively charged resins to bind proteins based on their net charges in a given buffer system (pH). Conditions for IEC can be determined that bind and release the target antibody with a high degree of specificity. IEC is a cost-effective, gentle and reliable method for antibody purification.

Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) also called gel filtration, separates molecules by size, with the largest being excluded in the void volume and smaller molecules fractionated with larger macromolecules being eluted first. Large immunoglobulins, IgM for example, are often purified in this way. SEC is also commonly used just for desalting and buffer exchange.


Immobilized Metal Chelate Chromatography

Immobilized metal chelate chromatography (IMAC) uses chelate-immobilized divalent metal ions (usually Ni2+) to bind proteins or peptides that contain clusters of three or more consecutive histidine residues. The strategy is most often used to purify recombinant proteins that have been engineered to contain a terminal 6xHis fusion tag.

Saturated Ammonium Sulfate Solution

Thermo Scientific Pierce saturated ammonium sulfate solution is formulated and ready to use for simple immunoglobulin, antibody, or other protein fractionation applications based on selective precipitation, which is also called salting out.


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