Invitrogen Custom Antibody Development

Custom antibody production services from antigen design to screening

Let our team of antibody production experts help you reach your custom antibody goals. We provide the services you need to help you develop a novel polyclonal, monoclonal hybridoma, or recombinant antibody. Thermo Fisher Scientific delivers exceptional antibody development solutions from antigen design to purification and screening. Our detailed knowledge of antigen determining factors allows us to develop custom antibodies with superior specificity, affinity, and assay utility. This expert service helps increase the probability that you will obtain an antibody capable of distinguishing among even highly related proteins within complex mixtures to characterize protein expression patterns using IHC, ICC, IF, FACS, ELISA, western blotting or immunoprecipitation (IP, Co-IP, ChIP). Our competitively priced packages are supported by online tools for project tracking. We know your time is valuable. Let our custom antibody scientists design an antibody specific to your target of interest. Contact an antibody specialist now to learn more about developing your custom antibody.

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Custom polyclonal antibody production

Our capabilities enable us to provide complete support for all types of polyclonal antibody production from peptide design, synthesis and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis, and final antibody purification. We specialize in antigen design and generation of custom peptide antibodies and monospecific peptide antibodies to highly discrete epitopes. We can provide protein expression services or immunize with recombinant proteins or protein fragments provided by you to generate antibodies in rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, mice or rats.

Custom monoclonal antibody production

Our capabilities enable us to provide complete support for all steps of mouse monoclonal antibody development from antigen preparation to the four phases of monoclonal development: 1) Animal Immunization, 2) Fusion, 3) Subcloning and 4) Antibody Production. The final deliverables of this process are the purified monoclonal antibody and the hybridoma cell line, and our capable project manager/scientists will support you personally throughout the process.

Custom recombinant antibody production

Our recombinant antibodies are rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed by cloning immunogen-specific antibody genes into mammalian expression vectors. This is performed by immunizing rabbits with a supplied or synthesized immunogen, cloning the immunogen-specific antibody genes into mammalian expression vectors, expressing the specific antibodies in mammalian cell lines, and screening the generated antibodies for specificity. Recombinant rabbit antibodies can be produced large scale with a high degree of lot to lot consistency. These antibodies are expressed in mammalian cell lines and are animal origin free. Our recombinant rabbit antibodies have been proven to work in most applications including ELISA, flow cytometry, chromatin IP, western blot, immunocytochemistry (ICC), and immunohistochemistry (IHC).