Overview of ELISA kits and products

High-quality optimized Invitrogen ELISA kits can help you measure target-specific proteins with confidence, reliability, and consistency. A variety of ELISA kit formats are available which include complete, ready-to-use kits as well as preoptimized reagents to design your own assay. ELISA kits and antibody pairs are available for a range of different species including human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, canine, porcine, bovine, equine, and feline. In addition to the off-the-shelf ELISA formats, special services such as: lot reservation, bulk packaging, and custom target development are available for flexibility and convenience as you start your next research project.

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Choosing the right ELISA kit format

 Coated ELISA kit componentsInstant ELISA kit componentsCoated ELISA kit componentsMatched antibody pair kit componentsDevelopment ELISA kit components
Coated ELISA kits*Instant ELISA kitsUncoated ELISA kitsMatched Antibody Pair kitsPeproTech ELISA Development Kits
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Overnight coatingNot requiredNot requiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Analytical sensitivity**Kit specific5 pg/mLLot specific
Dynamic range**2—3 logarithmic unitspg/mL (lot specific)
Sample volume5–100 µL
(sample type specific)
10–100 µL
(sample type specific)
Sample-to-result time45—300 min
(kit specific)
70—250 min
(kit specific)
24 hr>24 hr>24 hr
Data analysisPlate reader with curve-fitting software
 Learn more below about coated ELISA kitsLearn more below about Instant ELISA kitsLearn more below about uncoated ELISA kitsLearn more about matched antibody pair kitsLearn more below about ELISA development kits

*Values in this table refer to our Standard Colorimetric kits. A select number of ultrasensitive kits are also available.
**Every assay has its own specifications. Please consult the protocol for your specific immunoassays/kits.


Coated ELISA kits

Invitrogen coated ELISA kits are ready-to-use, and have been tested to provide very low inter- and intra-assay variability, with very high lot-to-lot consistency. ELISA kits with coated plates help ensure that you obtain consistent ELISA performance and are designed for labs that require validated and comprehensively tested kits.

Benefits of coated ELISA kits:

  • Validated performance⁠—tested for plate variability (CV) and final kit validation testing before shipping out
  • Easy-to-use⁠—includes all the required assay buffers and reagents, and a straightforward protocol
  • Fast⁠—pre-coated plates allow for a workflow typically completed within four hours

Coated ELISA kit contents

  • Coated 96-well plate
  • Pre-titrated capture antibody
  • Pre-titrated detection antibody Streptavidin-HRP conjugate
  • Recombinant protein standard
  • Stop solution
  • Substrate solution
  • Assay buffer (sample diluent)
  • Wash buffer

Using Invitrogen pre-coated ELISA kits

View the instructional video showing how to use Invitrogen pre-coated ready-to-use ELISA kits. Please make sure to carefully read and review your ELISA kit’s specific instruction sheet, located inside the package, for detailed information before beginning the procedure.

Instant ELISA kits

Invitrogen Instant ELISA Kits have a condensed workflow format designed to alleviate the inconveniences of multiple preparation and incubation steps. In conventional ELISA kits, the precoated plates provide only the capture antibody, to which the sample and detection reagents must be added sequentially. In contrast, Instant ELISA Kits come with ready-to-use plates that contain all necessary assay components—including capture antibody and lyophilized detection antibody, streptavidin-HRP, and sample diluent. These prepared plates greatly reduce pipetting time and enable a simple one-wash protocol. Furthermore, serially diluted, lyophilized protein standards are provided in additional strip wells, eliminating the need for plate setup and serial dilutions to create a standard curve, leaving less room for error.

Benefits of Instant ELISA kits

  • Ready-to-use—microplates contain all necessary assay components
  • Time saving—standards are already serially diluted in the plate
  • Convenient—sequential addition of reagents during assay minimized

Instant ELISA kit contents

  • 96-well plate (12 strips with 8 wells each) coated with capture antibody, biotin-conjugated detection antibody, streptavidin-HRP conjugate and assay buffer (lyophilized)
  • Recombinant lyophilized protein standard dilutions (in additional strips)
  • Stop solution
  • Substrate solution
  • Wash buffer

Figure 1. Comparison of Instant ELISA technology vs. conventional ELISA procedures. With Instant ELISA kits, all the preparation work has been done for you, helping decrease hands-on time per experiment. In addition, Instant ELISA kits come with a full 96-well plate for your samples and two separately packed standards. This enables the use of all 96 wells for your samples expanding your ELISA capacity by 20%.

Table 1. Comparing conventional ELISA and Instant ELISA workflow steps. Fewer steps help save time and reduce variation. There are only 7 working steps when using an Instant ELISA kit, as opposed to 17 steps when performing a conventional ELISA. Therefore, you can decrease total hands-on time per experiment to about 1 hour by adopting the Instant ELISA technique.

7 steps for Instant ELISA kits 17 steps for conventional ELISA kits
  1. Washing of coated plates
2. Reconstitution of standard protein
3. Addition of diluent to standard wells
1. Rehydration of standard and sample wells on plate 4.Titration of standard curve
5. Addition of sample diluent
2. Sample addition 6. Sample addition
  7. Dilution of biotin conjugate
8. Addition of biotin conjugate
3. Incubation 9. Incubation
  10. Preparation of streptavidin-HRP conjugate
11. Washing
12. Addition of streptavidin-HRP conjugate
13. Incubation
4. Washing 14. Washing
5. Addition of TMB substrate 15. Addition of TMB substrate
6. Addition of stop solution 16. Addition of stop solution
7. Calculation of results 16. Calculation of results

ELISA components—create your own assay

ELISAs can be used to identify and quantitate just about any type of analyte. When designing an ELISA for your unique target of interest, deciding which components are right for you is often the most difficult part. The ELISA Builder is an online selection tool that guides you through a short series of questions about your specific ELISA and then recommends all the components you’ll need—from plates to stop solution.

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Uncoated ELISA kits

Invitrogen uncoated kits are ideal for experienced ELISA users on a budget with less stringent requirements for inter- and intra- assay variance. These kits have the reagents needed to coat-your-own plates using an overnight process and run the assay. Kit configurations can provide easy-to-use, flexible options.

Benefits of uncoated ELISA kits

  • Pre-titrated and optimized—matched antibody pairs and all provided reagents optimized for ELISA development
  • Many options for kit configuration—purchase based on the volume of your assay through a choice of package sizes, including 2-, 10-, and 20-plate kits
  • Complete—includes all the essential reagents and buffers to limit variability. Generic reagents like wash and stop solution not included
  • Affordable—priced to accommodate demanding budgets and help maximize your research

Uncoated ELISA kit contents

  • Pre-titrated capture antibody
  • Pre-titrated detection antibody, biotin-conjugated
  • Recombinant protein standard
  • Substrate solution
  • Assay buffer (sample diluent)
  • Coating buffer
  • Avidin- or streptavidin-HRP conjugate (kit specific)

Matched antibody pair and PeproTech Development ELISA kits

Invitrogen antibody pair kits contain pre-matched antibody pairs, standards, and streptavidin-HRP to develop your own ELISA assays. PeproTech Development kits are also used to design new ELISA protocols, with a variety of targets available in both ABTS and TMB formats for flexibility.

Benefits of matched antibody pair kits

  • Flexible—matched antibody pairs can be used for ELISA or with other immunoassay platforms
  • Convenient packaging option—All-in-one buffer kit sold separately, if needed for ELISA development

Matched antibody pair kit contents

  • Capture (coating) antibody
  • Detection antibody
  • Streptavidin-HRP conjugate
  • Standard
  • Sample diluent (not included in all kits)

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Benefits of ELISA development kits

  • Flexibility—available in both ABTS and TMB formats for design flexibility
  • Convenience—specifically formulated Buffer Kits available

ELISA development kit contents

  • Capture (coating) antibody
  • Detection antibody
  • Protein standard
  • HRP-conjugate

How to coat a plate and use Invitrogen uncoated ELISA kits

View the instructional video showing how to coat a plate and use Invitrogen uncoated ELISA kits. Please make sure to carefully read and review your ELISA kit’s specific instruction sheet, located inside the package, for detailed information before beginning the procedure.

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