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Do you study protein? We offer free consultative services and can answer your questions or provide you with personalized support and pricing. Request custom or testing services, bulk packaging, and lot reservations for your next project.

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Our immunoassay R&D team has over 30 years of experience with immunoassay development, sample handling, data analysis, and project management. Operating in an ISO 9001–certified facility, we employ high-quality standards and procedures.

  • Not sure where to start? We offer valuable consultation services, free of charge.
  • Can’t find a commercially available assay for your target? We offer custom assay development.
  • Short on staff resources? Tight deadlines? Or just want experienced scientists to run your samples and provide results to you? We offer sample testing services.
  • Starting a large or long-term research project? We offer helpful services like special bulk packaging and lot reservation.

Details of services

We support the following requests for catalog and custom immunoassays.

Custom immunoassay development and services

  • Have us develop a custom assay unique to your target, with project milestones and progress reports
  • Request custom plate coating to enable consistency across experiments (ELISA only)
  • Request additional QC testing of assays

Special packaging

  • Obtain products in bulk packaging for less waste, better use of storage space, or high-throughput automation needs
  • Request additional components or special formulation

Sample testing services

  • Send us your samples and we will run the assay for you

Lot reservation

  • Request multiple kits from a single lot for large or long-term studies

Invitrogen immunoassays available for special services

ELISA kitsProQuantum high-sensitivity immunoassaysProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays
Custom ELISA, custom Immunoassay services, ELISA help, protein quantitation, custom target development Robust immunoassays for single-target protein measurement.Custom Immunoassay services, custom target development, high sensitivity, High sensitivity assay, easier workflow, fast assays Highly sensitive assays with low sample consumption using proximity-based qPCR amplification.Multiplexing, custom Procartaplex, custom Luminex panel, Luminex panels Multiplexing technology to measure multiple proteins in one well on the Luminex platform.

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Download the helpful tech guide to help you compare, test and choose the best immunoassay for your upcoming study.

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Consultative services

We offer free consultative services for custom ELISA or immunoassay services and custom target development

Not sure how to start? We offer free consultative services and can answer your questions or provide you with personalized support and pricing. If you need additional help planning your next big research project, designing special orders, or implementing high-throughput workflow solutions, we offer valuable consultation services. Highly trained sales consultants and field application scientists will visit your lab or assist you over the phone. To get started, let us know how we can help:

For ELISA or ProQuantum:
For ProcartaPlex or Luminex: