ProcartaPlex Multiplex Assays for Luminex Systems

Profile more biomarkers with less sample

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex immunoassays are antibody-based, magnetic bead reagent kits and panels for multiplex protein quantitation using the Luminex instrument platform. The assays cover more than 200 cytokine, chemokine, growth factor, and other protein targets from human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, canine and other species. Select from 50+ preconfigured multiplex panels (2- to 65-plex), or blend singleplex kits (90% are combinable) to create custom multiplex assays.

ProcartaPlex Panel Configurator

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Featured categories of ProcartaPlex immunoassays

ProcartaPlex Preconfigured Panels

Predefined, biologically relevant, and disease-specific multiplex panels using magnetic beads for the quantitative simultaneous analysis of up to 65 analytes in a single sample. All preconfigured multi-analyte reagent panels are extensively tested for combinability, interference and cross-reactivity.

ProcartaPlex Custom Panels

Custom-blended and optimized panels deliver results tailored to the panel design of your choice. Simply provide your desired species, sample type, and instrument for use. Then select your desired analytes, and we will build and optimize a custom assay kit according to your specifications.

ProcartaPlex Simplex Sets

Bead sets for the detection of individual analytes designed to be added to ProcartaPlex combinable panels for increased customization. Alternatively, multiple ProcartaPlex simplex bead sets can be combined and run using the Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Basic Kit, which includes all non–target-specific reagents needed to perform the assay.

ProcartaPlex High Sensitivity Assays

Human and mouse multiplex panels and combinable simplex kits designed to measure protein targets at very low concentrations and achieve femtogram-range sensitivities for all analytes.

Supporting information for ProcartaPlex immunoassays

ProcartaPlex Supplemental Products

Specialty diluents, buffers, and streptavidin-PE conjugate to supplement ProcartaPlex assays, as well as accessory equipment such as magnets and plate washers.

ProcartaPlex Immunoassay Publication List

Lists of publications, organized chronologically by year, from peer reviewed journals that cite the use of ProcartaPlex immunoassays and Luminex technology.

ProcartaPlex Analyst 1.0 Software

Complimentary multiplex analysis software, free to download with the purchase of ProcartaPlex kits and panels.

Description of ProcartaPlex immunoassays

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays make use of Luminex xMAP (multianalyte profiling) technology to enable the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 80 protein targets in a single 25–50 µL sample of plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants, and other bodily fluids. Luminex technology uses differentially dyed capture beads for each target in a multiplex "ELISA-like" assay. ProcartaPlex immunoassays can profile up to 80 times more analytes using significantly less sample in the same time that it takes to perform a traditional sandwich ELISA.

Key features of ProcartaPlex immunoassays

  • All ProcartaPlex assays are individually tested for specificity and endogenous, native protein detection
  • ProcartaPlex Preconfigured panels are extensively tested for combinability, interference and cross-reactivity
  • ProcartaPlex custom panels offer the highest flexibility (more than 90% of ProcartaPlex assays can be combined with one another)
  • Magnetic bead format for increased ease-of-use and throughput
  • High correlation to our ELISA assays (R2 >0.9)
  • Scalable and reproducible performance regardless of plex size
  • Largest published panel for quantitation of up to 65 analytes
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