Profile more biomarkers with less sample

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex assays are antibody and magnetic bead-based multiplex immunoassays that leverage Luminex xMAP technology to enable the simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 80 protein targets in a single well with only 6.3–50 µL sample of plasma, serum, cell culture supernatants, or other bodily fluids. The assays cover more than 600 cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and other protein targets from a range of species.


With a broad menu of preconfigured panels (2- to 80-plex) and customizable options, ProcartaPlex assays provide high flexibility to serve your individual research needs. Whether investigating inflammation, immunology, cytokine profiling, oncology, or infectious diseases, you can rely on the accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility, and versatility of ProcartaPlex multiplex assays to gain deeper insights and uncover complex biological processes.


ProcartaPlex multiplex assays provide a high-throughput (96- and 384-well format), cost-effective and time-saving solution for biomarker analysis and disease research.

ProcartaPlex assay formats

Dual Reporter Panels

NEW Explore the first-commercially available ProcartaPlex Dual Reporter assay that enables the simultaneous quantitation of the phosphorylated and total forms of up to 8 signaling proteins on the same bead.

Why ProcartaPlex assays?


Get exactly the panel you want. More than 90% of ProcartaPlex assays can be combined with one another and allow for the creation of highly individual and high-plex panels (≤ 80-plex).


Reproducible results

Each ProcartaPlex assay is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and undergoes rigorous QC testing to help ensure reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency.



Achieve reproducible performances regardless of plex size and correlate data from differently sized panels and simplex kits.

High specificity and sensitivity

All ProcartaPlex assays are extensively and individually tested for specificity and detection of native endogenous protein as well as for combinability, interference, and cross-reactivity.


Save resources

ProcartaPlex multiplexing assays require smaller sample input and less hands-on time than single-analyte assays, helping reduce time to results, cost and labor.


Free analysis software

ProcartaPlex Analyst App is free software available through Thermo Fisher Connect with 1 TB of cloud storage at no charge.

ProcartaPlex immunoassay data

ProcartaPlex assay performance on Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX compared to Luminex 200 and FLEXMAP 3D

(A) Human IL-8 standard curve data shows excellent correlation between INTELLIFLEX and established Luminex instruments. Acquisition on INTELLIFLEX was done on low PMT mode (LPMTLX) to compare with Luminex 200 (LX200) and on high PMT mode (HPMTFM) to compare with FLEXMAP 3D (FM3D). (B) Human IL-8 total protein measurements from various samples (unstimulated and stimulated PBMCs) show excellent correlation and consistency when data was acquired on INTELLIFLEX vs Luminex 200 and FLEXMAP 3D. 

ProcartaPlex quality control standards

All preconfigured multi-analyte reagent panels are extensively tested for combinability, interference, and cross-reactivity and go through stringent quality control standards.


Table 1. Cross-reactivity testing of analytes in ProcartaPlex preconfigured panels. Only a small subset of analytes are shown here.

Figure 1. Scalability data to demonstrate reproducibility between ProcartaPlex panels of different size. Comparison of protein expression data from 42 human blood samples analyzed using the ProcartaPlex Human Immune Monitoring Panel, 65-Plex and the ProcartaPlex Human Immune Response Panel, 80-Plex. A selection of analytes is shown here. Similar results are obtained when investigating other analytes.

Figure 2. Data illustrates the high correlation between large and small-scale multiplex assays when using the ProcartaPlex assays. Regression analysis comparing the ProcartaPlex Chemokine Panel 2 (9-plex) and the ProcartaPlex Human Immune Response Panel, Immune Response Panel (80-plex) yielded an R2 value >0.9. (0.99 for MCP-4, 0.93 for CCL1)

Figure 3. Workflow of ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassay

ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays for the Luminex platform are performed in a similar way to traditional ELISAs but with the ability to quantitate up to 80 targets simultaneously in a single well. The steps are similar, with the exception that antibody-coated beads are used to capture the analyte, instead of having capture antibodies attached directly to the plate. Each kit provides standards of known concentration so that a standard curve can be established. After incubation on a shaker, the beads are washed by putting the 96-well plate on a flat magnet for 30 seconds, after which the fluid is discarded by flicking the wells or by using an automated plate washer. The magnet is removed, and the beads are resuspended in the detection antibody. Another incubation and wash are followed by the addition of streptavidin–R-phycoerythrin (SAPE). The beads are then washed and are ready to analyze. Streamline your data analysis with the ProcartaPlex Analysis App.

“Our core facility has been using the Invitrogen Th1/Th2 Cytokine 36-Plex Mouse ProcartaPlex Panel on tissue lysates. We have many customers who have been pleasantly surprised by the reproducibility of the assay and some have commented: ‘This assay nicely validated what we have found in the gene expression.'”

―Diane Bender, PhD

The Bursky Center for Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Programs

Washington University School of Medicine

Immunoassay Research Areas

Explore our immunoassays for different research areas, including immuno-oncology, neurobiology, isotyping and immunoglobulin characterization, hallmarks of cancer, CAR-T cells, and more.

Immunoassay Research Areas

Access the largest multiplex panels on the market

Transform your way of biomarker discovery and validation. With the largest ready-to-use panels on the Luminex platform—the ProcartaPlex Human Immune Response Panel 80-Plex and ProcartaPlex Mouse Immune Response Panel 64-Plex—you can accelerate your screening projects.

Understand the effects of cytotoxins in biological systems

Analyze up to 11 biomarkers (including FDA recommended markers) and highly relevant CYP targets for ADME/Tox studies to monitor liver and kidney disease progression, and drug induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

Higher throughput, less sample input

ProcartaPlex 384-well assays offer optimized reagent formulations specifically developed for smaller reaction volumes. With only 6.3µl of sample, get up to 30,720 data points. Our exclusive lyophilized bead kit format combines the shortest time to result with even less hands-on time compared with liquid bead formulation.

“Like magic, science takes practice, but the end results are so satisfying.”


Read the customer story and discover how Martin Pelletier, PhD overcame his challenge to screen for multiplex biomarkers from a small sample volume and to perform large scale tests with high reproducibility in his translational research.

Martin Pelletier, PhD

Researcher, Division of Infectious and Immune Diseases at the CHU de Québec-Laval University Research Center

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology-Infectious Diseases, and Immunology

Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval, Canada

The ProcartaPlex Analysis App streamlines the analysis of data from ProcartaPlex assays acquired on Luminex instruments. This user-friendly software simplifies the assignment of lot-specific assay information, offering 4PL/5PL curve fit optimization, group-wise statistical and heat map analysis. Additionally, the app allows export of detailed reports including images for presentations and publications.

ProcartaPlex Analysis App

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.