ProcartaPlex High Sensitivity Assays

Sensitivity in the femtogram range

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex high sensitivity assays are designed to measure small concentration differences in cell culture supernatants, plasma, and serum samples with 10-fold lower LLOQs (Lower Limit of Quantification) and sensitivities for all analytes in the femtogram range. Overcome the sensitivity detection limits of conventional multiplex immunoassays.

High sensitivity multiplex panels

ProcartaPlex high sensitivity panels

HS Panel Name Cat. No. Antigen
9-Plex Human Panel,
High Sensitivity
EPXS090-12199-901 IFNγ, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12 p70, IL-17A, TNFα
5-Plex Mouse Panel,
High Sensitivity
EPXS050-22199-901 IFNγ, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, TNFα

High sensitivity simplex kits

ProcartaPlex high sensitivity simplex kits are magnetic bead sets used to detect individual analytes. They are designed to enable the addition of targets to multiplex panels or the combination of individual high sensitivity simplex kits to produce custom panels. A corresponding basic kit is required when combining simplex kits separate from any multiplex panel.

Human high sensitivity simplex kits

Simplex Cat. No. Analyte ULOQ*
Inter Assay
Intra Assay
EPXS010-10283-901 GM-CSF 7330 1.80 <10 <10
EPXS010-10228-901 IFN gamma 260 0.31 <10 <10
EPXS010-10224-901 IL-1 beta 1330.0 0.32 <10 <10
EPXS010-10221-901 IL-2 490 0.44 <10 <10
EPXS010-10225-901 IL-4 560 0.86 <10 <10
EPXS010-10278-901 IL-5 2720 0.66 <10 <10
EPXS010-10213-901 IL-6 2850 1.03 <10 <10
EPXS010-10204-901 IL-8 890 0.22 <10 <10
EPXS010-10215-901 IL-10 750.0 0.18 <10 <10
EPXS010-10238-901 IL-12p70 3090.0 0.75 <10 <10
EPXS010-12017-901 IL-17A 1030.0 0.25 <10 <10
EPXS010-10281-901 MCP-1 650 0.16 <10 <10
EPXS010-10223-901 TNF alpha 1390 0.45 <10 <10

Mouse high sensitivity simplex kits

Simplex Cat. No. Analyte ULOQ*
Inter Assay
Intra Assay
EPXS010-20606-901 IFN gamma 1250.0 0.31 <10 <10
EPXS010-20601-901 IL-2 1820.0 0.44 <10 <10
EPXS010-20613-901 IL-4 3530.0 0.86 <10 <10
EPXS010-20603-901 IL-6 4230.0 1.03 <10 <10
EPXS010-20607-901 TNF alpha 1830.0 0.45 <10 <10

*determined for first lot

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