ProcartaPlex Simplex Kits

Add targets to multiplex kits or produce custom kits

ProcartaPlex Simplex kits are magnetic bead sets used to detect individual analytes. They are designed to enable the addition of targets to multiplex panels or the combination of individual simplex kits to produce custom panels. A corresponding basic kit is required when combining simplex kits separate from any multiplex panel.

The following table describes the level of quality standards developed and required for each ProcartaPlex Simplex Kit. Additionally, these Simplex kits are tested for combinability with other Simplex kits.

Quality control standards for ProcartaPlex Simplex Kits

Specification Description
Specificity Prove of endogenous, native protein detection in specific samples
Sensitivity Detection of relevant native protein levels
Precision Inter-assay CV: <15%, Intra-assay CV: <15%
Linearity of Dilution Linear results over the range of the assay
Flexibility More than 90% of ProcartaPlex targets can be combined with one another
Lot-to-lot consistency Each new batch is calibrated against the reference standard lot
Dynamic range Large dynamic range of all ProcartaPlex assays

Example data generated in the development process for a ProcartaPlex Simplex kit

PD-L2 in standard ProcartaPlex format Serum EDTA Plasma Citrate Plasma Heparin Plasma
No. of Samples 40 40 40 40
Mean 5649.5 2582.6 3778.3 4897.5
Min. 348.6 622.4 882.4 1216.8
Max. 8735.2 5432.3 7430.0 8896.6
SD 2065.9 1302.9 1509.9 1980.6
No. of positive samples 40 40 40 40

Sensitivity: Detection of relevant native protein levels for typical sample types.

Analyte Sera of healthy Donors Sera of Cancer Patients
mean pg/ml (n=16) mean pg/ml (n=16)
BTLA 624.1 11621.0
PD-1 45.6 180.3
GITR 43357 43320
HVEM 20.0 10.0
IDO 43268 43269
LAG-3 100.7 276.9
PD-L1 43109 43147
PD-L2 4037.0 5689.7
TIM-3 2522.1 3065.1
CD28 334.2 136.7
CD80 541.7 1010.0
CD137 4-1BB 62.3 1221.6
CD27 2283.9 4640.0
CD152 CTLA4 43217 43203
BTLA 624.1 11621.0

Specificity: Proof of endogenous levels of native protein detection in specific samples-healthy vs disease.

ProcartaPlex basic kits

To run simplex kits alone or in combination, the corresponding sample-specific basic kit is required. These basic kits contain all necessary support reagents to perform the assay.

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