Gamma tubulin is ubiquitously expressed in eukaryotic cells, so it is often used as a loading control. It is an essential protein for cell growth and division, as it organizes microtubule arrays in the nucleus and cytoplasm.

Gamma tubulin is found primarily in centrosomes and spindle pole bodies where the most abundant microtubule nucleation occurs. In these microtubule organizing centers, gamma tubulin associates with several other proteins to form the gamma tubulin ring complex which provides scaffolding for alpha/beta tubulin dimers to begin polymerization. It also provides a cap that allows the microtubule to grow in the (+) direction.

Invitrogen gamma tubulin antibodies are validated for use in various applications. To see all the gamma tubulin antibody offerings please click the link below.

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Quality Invitrogen gamma tubulin antibodies are available for a variety of research needs, and most have been extensively validated for western blotting and immunostaining controls.

Immunohistochemical analysis of gamma tubulin

Immunohistochemical analysis of gamma Tubulin. The nucleus of paraffin-embedded human breast carcinoma stained using a gamma Tubulin polyclonal antibody (Cat. No. PA5-34815) at a dilution of 1:500.

Western blot analysis of gamma tubulin

Western blot analysis was performed on membrane enriched extracts (30 µg lysate) of A-549 (Lane 1), MCF-7 (Lane 2), HeLa (Lane 3), HepG2 (Lane 4), Caco2 (Lane 5), A-431 (Lane 6), SH-SY5Y (Lane 7) and U-2 OS (Lane 8). The blot was probed with Anti-gamma Tubulin Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (Cat. No. MA1-850, 1 µg/mL) and detected by chemiluminescence using Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) Superclonal Secondary Antibody, HRP conjugate (Cat. No. A28177, 0.25 µg/mL, 1:4000 dilution). A 51 kDa band corresponding to gamma Tubulin was observed across the cell lines tested. Known quantity of protein samples were electrophoresed using Novex NuPAGE 10 % Bis-Tris gel (Cat. No. NP0321BOX), XCell SureLock Electrophoresis System (Cat. No. EI0002) and Novex Sharp Pre-Stained Protein Standard (Cat. No. LC5800). Resolved proteins were then transferred onto a nitrocellulose membrane with iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System (Cat. No. IB21001). The membrane was probed with the relevant primary and secondary Antibody following blocking with 5 % skimmed milk. Chemiluminescent detection was performed using Pierce ECL Western Blotting Substrate (Cat. No. 32106).