Alexa Fluor conjugated primary antibody used in immunofluorescence

Most protein and cell analysis techniques involving antibodies depend upon using target-specific primary antibodies and labeled, conjugated secondary antibodies. However, using directly labeled primary antibodies can enhance or simplify procedures. Our conjugated antibodies are available in a wide variety of formats including monoclonal, polyclonal, and recombinant antibodies and are conjugated to the most common enzymes and dyes, including Alexa Fluor.

Related product and application categories

Conjugated Epitope Tag Antibodies

Epitope tag antibodies are highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that help localize gene products in a variety of cell types. Our epitope tag antibodies are conjugated with the most common dyes and enzymes.

Conjugated Loading Control Antibodies

Loading control antibodies are used to assess levels of protein expression and verify the efficiency and quality of protein transfer to western blot analysis. Our loading control antibodies are available conjugated to biotin, HRP, or Alexa Fluor dye.

Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Our broad portfolio of antibody conjugates—including Alexa Fluor dye and eFluor dye conjugates—is designed to help you answer complex cell biology questions in less time and with less sample than other approaches.

Antibody Labeling

Can’t find a conjugated version of the primary antibody that interests you? Discover the variety of convenient and powerful options for labeling and conjugating antibodies (or other proteins) on your own.

Cell Analysis

Browse the many cell imaging and analysis techniques that rely on the use of primary antibodies, including those that are directly conjugated to fluors or biotin.