Loading Control Antibodies
We offer antibodies against the most common loading and expression control proteins. Loading control antibodies are helpful for assessing western blotting efficiencies and comparing the amounts of protein loaded in each well across a gel. These controls help determine whether sample-to-sample expression level differences are due to actual protein levels in a given cell lysate or from loading variances. Loading control antibodies can also be used as complementary antibody stains in immunofluorescence studies with proteins of interest. Loading control antibodies are available in unconjugated form, or conjugated to biotin, HRP, DyLight™ dyes, or Alexa Fluor™ dyes.

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Additional popular loading control antibodies

Antibody Target Cat. No.
Beta-galactosidase Antibody (DC1 4C7) Recombinant beta-galactosidase MA1-152
Gamma-tubulin Loading Control Antibody (4D11) Gamma-tubulin C-terminal peptide MA1-850
Alpha-tubulin Loading Control Antibody (DM1A) Alpha-tubulin 62204
Lamin A/C Loading Control Antibody (mab636) Lamin A/C MA3-1000
Cyclophilin A Loading Control Antibody Cyclophilin A C-terminal peptide PA1-025
Cyclophilin B Loading Control Antibody Cyclophilin B C-terminal peptide PA1-027A
Cyclophilin D Loading Control Antibody Cyclophilin D C-terminal peptide PA3-022

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