mCherry is a fluorescent protein derived from Discosoma sp. Mushroom corals. Due to its improved brightness, superior photostability, and extremely rapid maturation rate the mCherry monomeric red fluorescent protein is one of the fluorescent proteins of choice for monitoring physiological processes and detecting transgenic expression. Our antibodies for mCherry can be used to detect native and denatured forms of mCherry or mCherry fusion proteins in various applications.

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Invitrogen anti-mCherry antibodies are designed to dependably detect m-Cherry in various applications.

Immunohistochemistry analysis of tissue expressing mCherry

IHC using an anti-mCherry antibody (fluorescent and stained image). Intestinal tissue from a transgenic mouse expressing mCherry in all tissues. (A) Fluorescent image detecting mCherry expression and (B) HRP-stained image. Following isolation and fixation in 4% paraformaldehyde, mCherry Monoclonal Antibody (16D7) (Cat. No. M11217) was used at a 1:15,000 dilution. The ImmPRESS™ Anti-Rat Ig (peroxidase) Polymer Detection Kit (Vector Laboratories) was used according to manufacturer’s instructions; sections were incubated in peroxidase substrate solution until the desired stain intensity developed.

Flow cytometry analysis of cells expressing mCherry. U20S cells expressing mCherry were analyzed using 405 nm excitation and 450/40 nm band pass emission on an Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer. The histogram shows cells stained with mCherry rat monoclonal antibody conjugated with Pacific Blue (black line) and unstained cells (gray line).

Flow cytometry analysis of cells expressing mCherry