Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are produced by injecting an antigen into a host animal to initiate a humoral immune response. In most procedures, spleen cells from these hosts are fused in vitro with cultured malignant myeloma cells. Unique cell clones are isolated and those that survive the fusion step are known as hybridomas. Hybridomas are immortal because of their myeloma characteristics and are easily propagated in culture.

Because of their B cell properties, some hybridoma clones continue to synthesize and secrete genetically homogeneous antibodies against a single epitope, called monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonals are homologous to natural immunoglobulins from the source immunized animal, but unlike polyclonal antibodies purified from serum, they are specific to a single epitope and provide a stable long term supply of produced by hybridomas in vitro.

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ABfinity™ antibodies are rabbit monoclonal antibodies that are developed by immunizing animals and then cloning the immunogen-specific antibody genes into high-level mammalian expression vectors.

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Rat and mouse hybridoma development yields custom monoclonal antibodies from synthesized peptide or recombinant protein antigens.

We offer options for producing phosphospecific antibodies, and antibodies specific to other post-translational modifications or activation states of particular proteins.

We offer competitively priced protocol packages (immunization schedules for rabbits, goats, etc.) for producing custom polyclonal antibodies against peptide and protein antigens.


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