Research Area Antibodies

Find and select primary antibodies for key markers and targets relevant to cancer research, stem cell research, neurobiology research, epigenetic research, and more.

Featured research area categories of primary antibodies

Cancer Research Antibodies

Select from thousands of primary antibodies for research focused on metastasis, proliferative signaling, apoptosis, autophagy, metabolism, inflammation, tumor suppressors or any other cancer-related research area.

Stem Cell Research Antibodies

Link to and learn about many products that facilitate the study of stem cells, including primary antibodies for hematopoietic, mesenchymal, and endothelial stem cell markers, such as CD14, CD31, CD33, CD34, and more.

Epigenetic Antibodies

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression that modify DNA, RNA, and protein. Read, write, and erase the epigenetic code with confidence using our highly specific recombinant epigenetic antibodies.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Antibodies

Learn about antibodies and other products to study key targets of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), which are somatic cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to an embryonic stem cell-like state.

Neurobiology Antibodies

Find antibodies important in the study of glia, protein trafficking, neurogenesis, axon guidance, dendrite development, neuronal migration, growth factors, neuromuscular junction, neurotrophins, apoptosis, and synaptogenesis.

Infectious Disease Antibodies

Infectious diseases are illnesses resulting from the invasion of pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or other parasites.