Invitrogen Secondary Antibodies

Browse our comprehensive portfolio of conjugated and unconjugated secondary antibodies for fluorescent and chemiluminescent detection of validated* primary antibodies in a wide range of applications, such as cell imaging, flow cytometry and western blotting.

We offer a wide range of specific target and host species antibody conjugates:

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Quick links to fixatives, mountants and other organelle staining reagents for use with secondary antibodies

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Western blot reagents and instruments, chemiluminescent, colorimetric, and fluorescent detection substrates, blocking buffers, and secondary antibody conjugates

We offer a wide selection of ELISA kits targeted to disease-related proteins for research in immunology, cancer, neurodegeneration, stem cells, and more.

Reagents and kits for cellular imaging applications such as fluorescence microscopy, IHC, ISH, HCS, LCM, and small animal in vivo imaging

Antibodies, cell functional reagents, Invitrogen Attune flow cytometer, and instrument calibration products