Congratulations to our spring 2017 winners!

  • Joyce KangStanford University
  • Oscar Hernandez MurilloUniversity of Pennsylvania
  • Danielle MzykNorth Carolina State University
  • Nicholas PageRutgers University
  • John PluvinageStanford University School of Medicine
  • Lillian XuPrinceton University

Brad Foster, Duke University
Major:  Biomedical Engineering
Brad Foster is an entering freshman at Duke University who plans to eventually pursue an MD/PhD degree.  Brad looks forward to one day working as a physician-scientist who not only treats patients but also conducts research to find new cures.

Pranati Pillutla, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, School of Medicine
Major:  Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
At the age of 14, Pranati Pillutla left high school to study at California State University, Los Angeles. Her brother, who has autism, inspired her to study science and pursue a medical career. At Cal State LA, she worked under Dr. Robert Vellanoweth studying the aging processes of plants. In the future, Pranati hopes to serve as a physician and advocate for those with special needs.

Christina Tan, Rice University
Major:  Biological Sciences
Christina Tan is currently a freshman at Rice University, where she plans to pursue neuroscience research and eventually enter the medical field. Christina became intrigued by research while volunteering at MD Anderson Cancer Center and later began working there in a neurosurgery laboratory.  She hopes to combine her interests in health policy and cancer research in advocating for awareness and treatment.

Vanja Tolj, The Ohio State University
Major:  Neuroscience
Vanja Tolj is a junior at The Ohio State University majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Global Public Health. As an aspiring physician, she hopes to incorporate translational research in her practice to improve the lives of her patients. Her current research focuses on determining how forced displacement contributes to the onset of dementia in the Serbian population. In her free time, Vanja contributes her time to TEDxOhioStateUniversity as a speaker coach and leading the GlobeMed chapter at OSU.

Anthony J. Treichel, Winona State University
Major:  Cell and Molecular Biology
A. J. Treichel is a senior in the Honors Program at Winona State University. Studying neural development in zebrafish under the guidance of Dr. Jacob Hines, A. J. is using static and time-lapse confocal microscopy to examine the attractive and repulsive behaviors between spinal cord neurons and oligodendrocytes. His future aspiration is to be a physician-scientist, combining his love of science with the art of clinical medicine.

Jason Cheng-ting Tsai, Stanford
Major:  PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Jason began his Chemistry PhD studies at the University of California-Berkeley and transferred to Stanford when his advisor Carolyn Bertozzi moved her laboratory there. His research focuses on developing new tools for researchers and clinical labs.  Jason is the founder of a start-up company which aims to translate his work beyond the bench.

2014–2015, spring: Casey Miller, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

Casey is currently working toward a degree in biology at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is deeply intrigued by the unknown in the world, and looks forward to learning about diseases and conditions that have yet to be cured.

2013–2014, fall: Melissa Dang, University of Oklahoma

Early on, Melissa discovered she had a passion for the medical applications of science, and is now driven by a desire to find out how the world works. She is currently pursuing her degree in biology, and plans to become actively involved in our society’s future scientific discoveries.

2012–2013, winter/spring: Brandon Fennell, Stanford University

Originally from Medford, Oregon, Brandon received a BA in chemistry with honors from Whitman College. He is now pursuing his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at Stanford, where he’s working under Dr. Paul Wender on the development of new metal-catalyzed reactions to access novel molecular scaffolds, as well as new compounds to modulate protein kinase C.

2012, fall: Priya Pathak, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Priya is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she’s majoring in biology with a certificate in global health. Originally from India, her research experience includes the investigation of mechanisms of cutaneous wound healing, and clinical projects on patient outcome following endocrine surgery.


Full list of winners
Fall 2016
  • Brad Foster of Duke University 
  • Pranati Pillutla of Texas Tech Health Science Center School of Medicine
  • Christina Tan of Rice University
  • Vanja Tolj of The Ohio State University
  • Anthony J. Treichel of Winona State University
  • Jason Cheng-ting Tsai of Stanford University
Spring 2016
  • Aswin Bikkani of University of Cincinnati
  • Akhil Garg of Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Madeline Keleher of Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jessica Ong of University of California, Los Angeles
  • Pia Sen of University of Texas at Dallas
  • Mohamed Soliman of Cornell University
Fall 2015
  • Fatima Nizamuddin of University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Yeshwant Chillakuru of The George Washington University
  • Yuyan Cheryl Mai of Yale University
  • Louis “Bobby” Hollingsworth of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Marisa Egan of Saint Joseph’s University
  • Kekoa Taparra of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Spring 2015
  • Michael Zhu Chen of Stanford University
  • Claire Liu of University of Chicago
  • Peter Cabeceiras of Rice University
  • Christina Rudolph of Siena College
  • Jean-Nicholas Gallant of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Adrienne Snyder of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fall 2014
  • Kristin Qian of Princeton University
  • Alexandra Tamerius of University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ryan Lindeborg of Harvard College
  • Adriano Bellotti of North Carolina State University
  • Nicole Olson of University of California-San Francisco
  • Graham Walmsley of Stanford University
Spring 2014
  • Wen Chyan of University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Matthew Jeffreys of Stanford University
  • Rachel Marty of University of California, San Diego
  • Casey Miller of Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
  • Catherine Norman of Trinity University
  • Max Wallack of Boston University
Fall 2013
  • Chandler Burke of Rice University
  • Melissa Dang of University of Oklahoma
  • Michael Neiger of Ohio State University
  • Lauren Nowacki of Texas A&M University
  • Lindsey Rogers of Yale University
  • Kelly Wallin of University of Wisconsin, Madison
Spring 2013
  • Jeanette Wat of Rice University
  • Jack Huang of Harvard University
  • Brandon Fennell of Stanford University
  • Nrithya Sundararaman of University of Miami
  • Douglas Bennion of University of Florida
  • David Han of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fall 2012
  • Nigel Reuel of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Erik Schieda of Duke University
  • Jonathan Tsai of Stanford University
  • Shannamar Dewey of University of California, Davis
  • Priya Pathak of University of Wisconsin, Madison