A revolutionary additive for CHO fed-batch processes



Up to double titer

  • Helps reduce cost per gram of protein
  • Helps increase specific productivity without need to further increase cell density


Highly concentrated, pH-neutral additive

  • Easy to deliver to culture
  • No impact on bioreactor pH
  • Avoid extreme pH hazard
  • Helps reduce product quality risk


Minimal optimization required

  • Can be added to current process or as partial feed replacement
  • Less need to adjust working volume of bioreactor
  • Helps reduce process development time
  • Less regulatory compliance risk


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

When to select Gibco™ FunctionMAX™ TiterEnhancer
  • If you have a drop-off in specific productivity late in a high-density fed-batch culture, Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer may be able to improve your titers
  • If you have an extremely low peak cell density fed-batch culture, you may want to consult with Gibco Bioproduction Services for advice on cell adaptation and/or fed-batch optimization
  • If you have no drop-off in specific productivity late in a high-density fed-batch culture, you may want to consult with Gibco Bioproduction Services for advice on fed-batch optimization for increasing titers

Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer has demonstrated up to double fed-batch when added on top of existing processes or as a partial additive replacement (See Figures 1 & 2), resulting in a lower total proportion of feed addition.


These increases were achieved primarily by maintaining qP (specific productivity) throughout each fed-batch process; improvements were seen immediately and without process optimization. 

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Figure 1 FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer increases titer by 110% and reduces required feed volume addition in bioreactor

Low-volume assistance with Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer has shown to be sufficient to improve titers for several processes using different commercially available media and feeds, processes with higher cell densities seeing the most benefit.

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Figure 2 FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer helps cells maintain protein expression longer in culture





Although Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer is an additive; it is not designed to completely replace other feeding supplements.






Highly concentrated ingredients
Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer is designed to deliver higher concentrations of key ingredients than previously possible. FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer achieves a concentration of 150g/L, over seven times that of most basal media, and it has been shown to be stable in dry or liquid format for over a year.  

Reconstitution of the AGT dry format is surprisingly simple: just add water and stir.  There is no pH adjustment required.  As a pH-neutral additive, Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer is safer handling and use than extreme-pH alternatives; additionally, it will help avoid bioreactor complications often seen with extreme-pH supplements. 

Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer in liquid format is very stable and created from the same AGT™ dry format material.  The liquid is provided for small scale trials and AGT dry format for seamless scale-up in use.

No exotic ingredients
Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer does not introduce new ingredients to your fed-batch system; it simply provides the same key components found in basal media that the cells need late in culture to maintain their productivity.  The technology used to combine these ingredients does not introduce any additional components either. 

Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer does not contain any growth factors or components like hydrolysates.  A DMF (Drug Master File) reference can be requested for this product to help assure regulatory authorities that there are no exotic components in the formulation that could create regulatory concerns.


Economies in use
With 7 times the concentration of ingredients compared to that of basal medium, and up to doubling of titer, the use of Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer helps deliver potential economic benefits to your fed-batch process.

More protein per run:

  • Helps reduce cost per gram of protein produced
  • More capacity made available for other uses, or

Fewer overall runs:

  • Fewer purification cycles

Simple prep and addition with feeds:

  • Reduced prep times
  • Minimizes failure risk and related costs

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Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer

The following are downloadable to assist you in bioprocess development.

Watch Gibco FunctionMAX TiterEnhancer in action.

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