The Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ carboy advantage

When using carboys for critical applications, standard laboratory carboys won't do. More supporting documentation, choices and designs sensitive to the necessary cleaning validations are just a few things to look for. Customization with fluid transfer options, pre-sterilization, and forced extraction studies are additional benefits you can expect from Thermo Scientific Nalgene carboys and jerricans.

  • Well supported with off-the-shelf, validation binders, and extractables studies
  • Screw top, leakproof seals to ensure sample integrity with sanitary fitting options available for easier cleaning validations
  • Available in LDPE, HDPE, Fluorinated, PP, PC, PETG up to 50 L
  • Rectangular options for dense storage efficiency and round options to facilitate stirring
  • Ability to provide custom tubulation for specific fluid transfer requirements
  • Sterile, single-use option can eliminate the need for in-house packaging and sterilization

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Popular carboys and accessories

Featured production carboy categories

Suited for advanced liquid handling and solution storage for many pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, these single-use carboys are the ideal choice for storage and transport of reagents. These containers can eliminate cleaning costs, validation and assembly, and contamination from repeated use.

Manufactured for tough applications, these carboys and jerricans are suited for storing and dispensing solutions and media. We offer a selection of heavy-duty, fluorinated and HDPE jerricans graduated in liters and gallons.

Durable, lighter and safer than glass, these carboys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a range of features such as wide mouths and handles for convenient filling and handling.

Our polycarbonate carboys ensure the integrity of your samples. Glass-clear to permit easy visual inspection and volume measurements but lighter and safer than glass, they are designed and manufactured for tough applications under rigorous laboratory conditions 

These Nalgene™ labware are sterilized and tested after assembly, with sterility guaranteed as long as the packaging is intact. Indicator dots used on Nalgene products undergo an irreversible color change upon sterilization.

Easier to clean than threaded containers or vessels, these one-piece molded, nonthreaded carboys are designed for use as receiver or dispensing vessels in biopharmaceutical applications. Solid ported sanitary end caps are also available.

Design a system to meet your unique fluid transfer requirements

You’ve been here before. Another process, another set of challenges. You need to move media, biologics, or drug substances between process steps safely, efficiently, and aseptically. And the solution will involve multiple sizes and types of tubing connectors, containers, and devices, possibly from different suppliers.

We are committed to partnering with our customers to help perfect their processes. Our engineers and sales professionals will gather your input and design systems to meet your specific needs.

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