Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Do I need to adapt my cells into CD FortiCHO™ before starting an experiment using it?
A:    You may find that cell lines created in media other than GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ may need several passages to adapt to this fortified medium environment.  We provide a recommended protocol for transferring cells into GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ culture in the Product Profile Sheet that comes with the product and that can be reviewed on our catalog website.

2.   Since GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ is fortified, can I still add feeding supplements to my culture?

A:    GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ was created to advance the ability of batch culture to higher cell densities, longer culture duration and higher titers even before feeding.  However, you may still use fed-batch conditions to increase titers.  In fact, in our testing, using a limited glucose fed-batch culture (avoiding depletion of glucose), titers over 1g/L we obtained in one of our test cell lines.  With addition of EfficientFeed™ supplements, it was possible to boost this titer to levels over 2.5g/L.  One recommendation, to avoid lower results than expected, is to first add the feed on the day when the cell line achieves ½ maximum cell density in GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ without the feed.

3.   When should I choose GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ versus CD OptiCHO™ or CD CHO?

A:  Assuming you have the ability to consider base medium options, we would recommend testing more than one of our options for a particular cell line.  If you’ve optimized conditions for fed-batch as a platform in CD OptiCHO™ or CD CHO, you may wish to compare results you could gain with CD FortiCHO™ to see if it can add to the productivity of your cell line.  Should you only have room to test one GIBCO® base medium, we would recommend testing CD FortiCHO™ medium after adapting your cells according to our recommended protocol.

4.  When should I do my first day of feeding for a culture using GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™?

A:  Because of the nutrient fortification of CD FortiCHO™, we have found that cell lines respond better to feeding when feeds are added first on the day when the cell line achieves ½ maximum cell density in CD FortiCHO™ without the feed.

5.   What Feeds do you recommend I use with GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™?

A:  It is possible to use any of the EfficientFeed™ nutrient supplement products to CD FortiCHO™ medium.  Because there is some variability among cell lines, we would recommend starting with the CHO CD EfficientFeed™ Kit to determine, through testing, the best feed or combination that would work best for your cell line.  We would note that we have a product that is available as a stocked custom called CD EfficientFeed™ C AGT (A11525) that has shown good results when used with CD FortiCHO™ in some cell lines we or our customers have tested.

6.   Does GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ contain 2-mercaptoethanol (2-ME)?

A:  This product was formulated without 2-ME. Custom can be made by adding back a component such as this if requested.