Cell Lines and Fields of Use

ExpiCHO-S® (cGMP banked), CHO-S® Cells (cGMP banked) and CHO DG44 Cells (cGMP banked) can be licensed for commercial applications.

Many fields of use are available, including development and production of molecules in the area of human biotherapeutics, human vaccines, veterinary vaccines, human diagnostics, or animal diagnostics, and production of proteins for sale into research markets. For more details about fields of use, please contact us.

Yes. After execution and payment for a Commercial Production License, a Cell Line Documentation Package (>200 pages, and specific to the lot of cells purchased), is provided which includes the entire lineage history of the cells starting at receipt of the initial vial at Life Technologies through delivery to the purchaser, as well as all testing reports.

General Licensing Terms

A Limited Use Label License, which includes research rights, is available in the Product Manual and applies when the cells are purchased. An additional Commercial Production or Service License is required in the following circumstances:

  1. A Commercial Production License is required prior to the clinical use in humans of expressed proteins, and/or when an IND submission is being prepared for first in human clinical studies.
  2. A Commercial Service Provider License is required by service providers prior to use of cells for any client projects.

Yes. Each cell line requires a separate Commercial Production or Service License.

Only a one-time license fee is required for a Commercial Production License, and it covers use during the clinical trial process and commercialization of an unlimited number of molecules.

Licensing rights are granted in perpetuity for the Commercial Production License. The term of the Commercial Service License is negotiated between the parties.