GIBCO® SynerGy™ Bag Collection
  • GIBCO® media pre-filled in Wave and Universal bags off the shelf and ready to use
  • GIBCO® quality and reliability in a disposable format up to 1000L
  • SynerGy™ Selector makes ordering and customization of bags up to 20L easy

SynerGy™ Flexible Packaging Options

Universal Bags

Universal bags are designed for larger-scale work and are stocked and ready when you need them.

Wave Cellbags

The Cellbag® Bioreactor from Wave Biotech (part of GE Healthcare) is available prefilled with GIBCO® media.

Large Media Bags (>50L)

GIBCO® media is available in many customized packaging configurations, including large-scale media bags.  Fill out a custom inquiry to learn more.

SynerGy™ Selector

Design your own customized media bag with the size (up to 20L), fittings, and GIBCO® medium of your choice.

Validation Information

Review the film validation testing methods and results for the SynerGy™ flexible packaging collection.