Synergy Universal Media Bags
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The SynerGy™ Selector
Choose bags and media formulations for your needs. Start using the SynerGy™ Selector now!

SynerGy™ Bag Collection
Large volume, GIBCO® media and reagents in convenient, flexible packaging.

GIBCO® Cell Culture
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The SynerGy™ Selector - Design your own bags online

The SynerGy™ Selector online tool allows you to choose the bag and formulation that fit your needs in an easy step-by-step process. Use SynerGy™ Selector to package your GIBCO® media and reagents using the following three SynerGy™ bag options:

  • GIBCO® universal bags - Ready to use, off the shelf, and prefilled with GIBCO® media and reagents
  • Wave Cellbag® media bags - Prefilled with the GIBCO® medium of your choice
  • Custom-designed bag - design your own bag with the size, fittings, and GIBCO® medium of your choice

The SynerGy™ bag collection from Invitrogen
Need off-the-shelf GIBCO® universal media bags or custom-designed packaging? No problem: the SynerGy™ collection has the large-scale media bag that satisfies your goals.

  • Large-volume GIBCO® media & reagents
  • Convenient, flexible packaging options
  • Three bag options, including GIBCO® Universal Bags


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