CaptureSelect™ ligands and affinity chromatography resins can be used for the highly efficient capturing step for a variety of biopharmaceuticals.
Affinity resins
  • Selectivity
    high purity in single step/feed-stock independent

  • Mild elution conditions
    retaining biological activity of target

  • Reduction of process steps
    higher yields, reduced costs

  • Efficient clearance of HCP, DNA, virus
    high selectivity in capture step

We offer products for large-scale purification of various biologics such as antibodies and antibody fragments, fusion proteins, and hormones.

We also offer complementery leakage ELISA ›.

CaptureSelect™ affinity matrices from Thermo Fisher Scientific:


Target applications



CaptureSelect™ IgG-CH1

Human IgG antibodies and Fab fragments thereof

CH1 domain binding, no free light chain binding for fragments


CaptureSelect™ KappaXL

Human IgG antibodies and Fab fragments thereof containing a kappa light chain

Mild elution for fragments and antibodies


CaptureSelect™ FcXL

Human IgG antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins

CH3 domain binding, human-specific, recognizing all four subclasses, mild elution conditions


CaptureSelect™ CH1-XL Affinity Matrix

Human IgG antibodies and Fab fragments

Ch1 domain binding , can purify IgGs and antibody fragments in the presence of fetal calf serum


MabCapture™ A Resin

Monoclonal antibody capture applications

Obtain highest dynamic binding capacity, at flow rates over 700 cm/hr

MabCapture^TM A

MabCapture™ A Select Resin
Monoclonal antibody capture applications Major increase in process productivity and reduction in downstream bottleneck MabCapture^TM A Select

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CaptureSelect™ information

CaptureSelect™ Leakage ELISAs

Products incorporating CaptureSelect™ technology have already been developed and are used for clinical and commercial manufacturing of a variety of biologicals. To support these products Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed product-specific Leakage ELISAs that can be used for routine quality analysis. Below is a list of Leakage ELISAs and their corresponding affinity resins.

Product Complementing resin

CaptureSelect™ IgG-CH1 Ligand Leakage ELISA

CaptureSelect IgG-CH1

CaptureSelect™ KappaXL Ligand Leakage ELISA

CaptureSelect KappaXL

CaptureSelect™ FcXL Ligand Leakage

CaptureSelect FcXL

These chromatography resins, based on the CaptureSelect™ technology, have all been developed in collaboration with GE Healthcare and are currently in use for clinical and commercial manufacturing of biological compounds.


Application notes


  • Application of a novel affinity adsorbent for the capture and purification of recombinant factor VIII compounds. McCue JT, Selvitelli K, Walker J. (2009) J Chromatogr A. 1216(45):7824-30.
  • The first recombinant human coagulation factor VIII of human origin. Casademunt E, Martinelle K, Jernberg M, et al. (2012). Eur J Haematol. 89(2):165-76.

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