CaptureSelect™ purification products help enable the efficient capture of therapeutic proteins from any feed stream, thereby helping reduce the number of process steps, increase yield, as well as provide a platform approach to purifying any target biotherapeutic.

Innovative products have been developed in collaboration with our customers for the purification of biosimilars and complex proteins for which no generic purification strategy exists, and for use in platform approaches or selective removal of product- and process-related impurities.

Through our library development process we have identified a number of candidates that may serve as excellent starting points for a custom ligand program. Pipeline opportunities include:

CaptureSelect™ affinity products for purification

Stage Therapeutic proteins (non-mAb) Antibody types
5: Research products Human Growth Homone, Antithrombin III,
hCG, Fibrinogen, ApoA1
Transferrin, ApoH, C1-Inh, tPA
IgA, IgM, CH1-XL
4: Lead selection Prothrombin, GM-CSF,
Exotoxin A (PE)
3: Prototype resins Insulin, EPO,
Adenovirus (Ad5), Flu (HA)
Free LC-kappa
2: Lead screening IFNa/b, hIL2, Protein C,
1: Library construction DNAse, AP, HRP,
Lentivirus (VSV-G)
Free LC-lambda, scFv, IgY,
rabbit IgG

Learn more about specific projects from these peer reviewed articles:

We offer a unique, milestone-based service for the development of product- and/or process-specific affinity solutions tailored to a target protein and its specific requirements.

The custom ligand can be further developed into an affinity resin, which can be used in large-scale processing of biopharmaceuticals.

  • Immunization with the target protein following our standard  protocols
  • Serum tests to check reactivity towards the target
  • Construction of VHH expression libraries for screening
  • Screening of VHH fragments for binding to target under defined binding conditions using ELISA and/or label free binding analysis
  • Positive ligands are further tested on possible cross-binding to defined relevant proteins.
  • Suitable elution buffers  are  incorporated during screening using capture based ELISA assays
  • VHH ligands  are recloned into our yeast expression system for small scale production and immobilized onto appropriate resins
  • Evaluation of process conditions  in small scale affinity columns
  • Larger scale production of  top candidates from work package 3 for evaluation at customer’s site
  • Select final lead

Following the custom ligand program the customer will have the option to further develop this into an affinity resin that can be used in large scale processing of biopharmaceuticals

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