From cell collection, through cell isolation, cell culture and modification, final formulation, cellular and stem cell production requires:
  • efficient cell analytics
  • high quality growth factors and cytokines
  • integrated and automated platforms
  • automated rapid contaminant and impurity tests

Through brands you trust — DynalTM bead separation, Thermo ScientificTM single use technologies, and Applied BiosystemsTM SEQ rapid contaminant tests — we are helping set new standards in regulatory- and physiology-friendly cellular medicine solutions.

Step-by-step guide to cellular and stem cell production products

Whether your cell collection starts with an aphaeresis product or simply a cell line, such as differentiated human embryonic stem cells, Dynabeads® magnetic beads can be used for further isolation of your cells.

Isolate mouse cells, human cells or cells from other species. Dynabeads® enable positive isolation, negative isolation, and cell depletion.

From the basic formulations to the newest innovations, we provide the highest quality, consistency & performance for your cell culture needs including Gibco® cell culture media and feeds, media development and analytical services, POROS® Analytical Columns, and Applied Biosystems® SEQ Rapid Contaminant Testing.

Applied Biosystems® SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing help ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products especially when accuracy and time-to-results are critical. SEQ rapid molecular methods are also ideal for use in public health laboratories, cosmetics and personal care products manufacturing, food testing laboratories, and academic and research centers.

BioProduction resources

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