Pharmaceutical Analytics

Quickly evaluate and monitor your biopharmaceutical production process

Monitoring the quality, safety, and potency of your pharmaceutical product during manufacturing is important—and testing accuracy and time-to-results are critical. Our robust portfolio of Applied Biosystems SEQ analytical testing solutions employs rapid, highly sensitive molecular methods to efficiently detect impurities, identify contaminants, and quantify titer. Delivering same-day results, often in less than 5 hours, our analytical solutions can help meet regulatory compliance for characterization and lot release testing.

Rapid Sterility Testing

Fast, efficient, and accurate, the SteriSEQ Rapid Sterility Testing kit can detect over 16,000 species of bacteria and 2,600 fungi in under 5 hours.


AccuSEQ RT-PCR Software

A component of an integrated workflow for our contaminant and impurity assays, AccuSEQ software provides fast and easy data interpretation and helps support our customers in meeting their local regulations including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


Sample Preparation and Automation

Get reliable, consistent quantitative recovery of your target DNA and RNA with our proven PrepSEQ chemistry. A universal sample preparation solution for contaminant and impurity testing.


Simplify viral vector production: robust and sensitive methods for common expression systems

In this webinar, an overview of common analytical tests and regulatory expectations for viral vector production, current challenges, and established methods for common production systems will be presented.

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Thermo Fisher Bioprocessing Portfolio

Upstream bioprocessing

Develop and scale biomanufacturing processes efficiently with trusted technologies and full-service support.

Downstream bioprocessing

Streamline downstream biomanufacturing and improve product quality with innovative technologies and outsourcing services to drive efficiency.

Assurance of supply

We strive to support industry growth by investing in capacity and quality systems for a reliable supply of critical materials.