Microbial identification and monitoring

Rapid and accurate microbial identification using the latest in genetic analyzer technology

Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers have long been a trusted standard for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis (CE). Versatile and innovative, the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio family of instruments are the latest generation of analyzers in our portfolio.

Designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, they help improve the simplicity, scalability, and speed of your workflow. As an integral part of the complete MicroSEQ Rapid Microbial Identification workflow, these genetic analyzers deliver the high level of data quality and reliable performance required by your QC and environmental monitoring applications.

Featured system
SeqStudio Flex genetic analyzer

The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer delivers the utmost in performance—ultimate flexibility, ease-of-use, connectivity, and remote serviceability. These features enable you to establish a rapid and accurate microbial identification process, while also achieving high sample throughput.

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A platform to meet every need

In-house microbial identification allows you to quickly identify contaminants and develop a plan for correction. The series of SeqStudio genetic analyzers offers a number of options to help meet your throughput requirements. The SeqStudio QST Genetic Analyzer offers a low-throughput platform featuring fast turnaround, ease-of-use, and a convenient all-in-one workflow based on a cartridge system. The SeqStudio Flex PA platform is the preferred system for medium and high throughput requirements. It is available in both 8- and 24- capillary configurations and offers easy-to-use, high sample number loading flexibility.

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Genetic Analyzer
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SeqStudio genetic analyzer
flexible system

SeqStudio Flex Series genetic analyzer
Easy-to-use, flexible,
connected system

Number of capillaries48 or 24
IDs/8 hours*106/22
IDs/24 hours*4634/94
Sample format1 plate; 96-well plate;
8-tube strips (compatible)
4 plates; 96- or 384- well plates;
8-tube strips (compatible)
Software platformMSID 3.1 / 4.0MSID 4.0
Supports 21 CFR Part 11YesYes
Library databaseBacterial and fungalBacterial and fungal
Remote monitoring and data sharingYesYes
Integrated remote troubleshooting toolsNoYes
ConnectivityUSB, ethernet ports, and
Wi-Fi dongle
USB, ethernet ports, and
Wi-Fi dongle
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* includes sample preparation time of 3 hours

Using a different Applied Biosystems sequencing platform, such as the 3500 series of genetic analyzers, and interested in using the MicroSEQ ID technology? Contact us for more information.

Moving your microbial identification forward with new identification software

Upgrade your microbial identification system with our latest version of MicroSEQ ID Microbial Identification Software version 4.0. Confidently identify and classify your bacterial or fungal sequence using the latest, feature-rich release of our tried-and-true analysis software, specifically designed for the SeqStudio platform.

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Microbial identification software

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