AccuSEQ® Software

Analyzes data from SEQ assays and custom qPCR assays

The AccuSEQ® v2.0 Real-Time PCR Detection Software is a full featured software package with features that support both routine qPCR assays as well as the unique needs of analytical testing of contaminants and impurities during the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

The AccuSEQ® v2.0 Real-Time PCR Detection is the software component of an integrated workflow for mycoplasma detection, residual Protein A quantitation and residual DNA quantitation. Automated analysis tools enable one-click processing of complex Ct, amplitude (DV) and melting temperature for the MycoSEQ™ Mycoplasma Detection assay according to user specifications. Non-linear curve fitting enables rapid and easy analysis of ProteinSEQ™ Protein Quantitation System data without the hassle of multiple exporting steps. Next generation algorithms deliver accurate quantitation data for the resDNASEQ® Residual Host Cell DNA Quantitation. Designed to work with the 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR instrument, the software includes security, audit, and signature capabilities help enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Key Features

  • Automated processing of MycoSEQ™ assay data for presence/absence result
  • Automatic volume calculations and optimized plate layout for MycoSEQ™ assays
  • Non-linear curve fitting of ProteinSEQ™ assay data
  • Accurate quantitation of host cell line residual DNA
  • Single software platform for multiple SEQ real-time PCR assays
  • Windows 7 supported and fully tested
  • Helps enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

AccuSEQ v.2.1 software (upgrade)
Purchase of AccuSEQ 2.0 is required for upgrade

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