Find Gibco media formulations to create a custom cell culture medium that's just right for you.

  • Select a category and sub-category
  • Find your product
  • Click "Customize this Product"

Already know the catalog number for the Gibco product you wish to customize?  Enter it now.

Easy 4 steps to find a Gibco formula to customize

  1. Under Search All, type or link to the main product category. For example:
  2. From the search results page, use left-hand filters to drill down by application, product category, or brand.  
    • For example, “Cell Culture”, “Dulbecco’s Phosphate-Buffered Saline”, and/or “Gibco”
  3. Use additional attributes and feature categories to further narrow down your search. 
    • For example, select “Form” – Liquid, Powder, Solid
  4. Select your product from the search results. 
    • For example, DPBS, calcium, magnesium.
    • On the product page, look for a link to “Customize this product” and submit your request.

Some Gibco products cannot be modified online, yet we may be able to meet your special requirements. In these cases, please complete this form and contact our custom media specialists.