Customization Options


Q: Can any Gibco formulation be customized with the Gibco Media Configurator?


A: Almost all Gibco™ cell culture basal media products can be customized using the Gibco Media Configurator. To check on a particular product, use the Media Configurator page to search by Gibco catalog number or browse our offering by description. For the customization of non-media Gibco products, such as buffers and growth factors, contact us at


Q: What aspects of cell culture media can be customized?


A: The Gibco Media Configurator allows you to add, remove, and adjust the concentration of components. In addition, you can select from a range of packaging, QC tests, and either cGMP or non-cGMP manufacturing.


Q: Can the Gibco Media Configurator be used for my own proprietary formulation?


A: No, the Gibco Media Configurator cannot be used to request pricing on non-Gibco cell culture products. However, we are very experienced at manufacturing customer-owned media formulations. Please visit or contact us at for more information.


Using the Gibco Media Configurator


Q: What are the benefits of using the Gibco Media Configurator?


A: Using the Gibco Media Configurator, you can view specific customization options for your cell culture product, online at any time. Also, this tool provides faster pricing for custom media, generally within 48 business hours.


Q: Do you offer price breaks based on quantity?


A: Yes, there are price breaks for most configurations based on the volume purchased.


Q: Does the process begin with an existing Gibco catalog product?


A: Yes, a Gibco catalog number is required to use the Gibco Media Configurator, as the customization options are tailored to a specific formulation.


Q: What are ways to find a Gibco catalog number to get started?


A: If you are not currently using a similar Gibco formulation, browse our selection of Gibco products using the link found on


Q: Do I need to be signed in to your website to use the Gibco Media Configurator?


A: No, it is not a requirement to be signed in to use the Gibco Media Configurator; however, it may expedite your request. In addition, if you are logged in, your quote requests will be stored in your history, facilitating future requests.


Q: What happens if my custom request turns out to be an existing product?


A: You will be notified if the product you need is already available as a stocked catalog product. All custom media requests undergo a comprehensive review by our feasibility engineers prior to production—it benefits both of us if your product can be shipped right away!


Technical support


Q: Who can answer questions related to the Gibco Media Configurator?


A: We have a dedicated team of Gibco Custom Media Specialists who can partner with you during customization, manufacturing, and delivery. Please email or call the local phone number listed on with inquiries about your submission.

For questions related to website effectiveness, please contact system support through the toll-free or local Thermo Fisher Scientific phone number.


Q: Can an error be corrected after a form is submitted?


A: Yes. If you were signed in to the website while requesting your Gibco Media Configurator quotation, simply sign back in to, retrieve the form from your Favorites, adjust it, and resubmit. If you were not signed in, please contact the Gibco Custom Media Specialist team for assistance.


Q: Do you offer assistance with formulation development?


A: Yes. Our Gibco Custom Media Specialists and R&D staff can provide advice related to the addition or elimination of media components. For more comprehensive services, our PD-Direct™ Bioprocess Services team specializes in media development and optimization.


Ordering and delivery


Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?


A: The minimum order volume is generally 1 L for non-cGMP manufacturing (Gibco™ Media Express™) and 10 L for cGMP production. There may be exceptions, which will be displayed by the Media Configurator.


Q: What is the process for placing an order?


A:  When you are ready to place your first order, contact a Gibco Custom Media Specialist or your local Thermo Fisher Scientific account manager. Regional contact information for our Gibco Custom Media Specialists can be found at


Q: Is there a fast way to reorder?


A: Yes. If you are reordering the same formulation, in the same quantity and packaging, simply use the Quick Order link found at the top of every page of, or visit your Order History page and click on the Reorder box.


Q: Who can answer questions about my quote?


A: Contact your local Thermo Fisher Scientific Account Manager or your Custom Media Specialist for questions related to pricing. Custom price quotes are valid for 90 days, unless stated otherwise.


Q: How long does it take to manufacture custom media?


A: Manufacturing lead times can vary based on formulation, availability of raw materials, batch size, QC test duration, and overall customer demand. We monitor lead times closely, and we will provide you with an estimated time frame for delivery when you place an order. You can also discuss delivery requirements with your Gibco Custom Media Specialist or Thermo Fisher Scientific Account Manager.