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Gene therapy: It’s in our DNA.

Because saving lives is in yours.

With Thermo Fisher Scientific, you have the support to push your therapeutic development strategies a step further. We offer a suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of the gene therapy workflow, from development through commercialization, to help you accelerate your development and document regulatory standards with confidence. With our help, you can bring your discovery to life and accelerate delivery of live-saving, breakthrough therapies.

Solutions for every stage of the gene therapy workflow:

Why Thermo Fisher Scientific?

With Thermo Fisher Scientific, you can save more lives, faster.

  • Years of experience: By working with us, you’ll leverage our years of experience as a world leader in serving science.
  • Support at every stage: Our goal is to support you at every stage of the gene therapy development process and to provide you with reliable tools, support, and scientific experience to assist you in bringing your therapies to regulatory review.
  • Scalable and compatible: Our products are scalable and compatible with the equipment you already have, which saves time and money, allowing you to focus on what's truly important: saving lives.

Cell and gene therapy industry perspectives

Brandon Pence, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Products by workflow

Plasmid development and production

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Achieve faster process development with tools designed to scale production and isolate, purify, and extract stable, quality plasmid DNA.

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Bacto CD Supreme Fermentation Production Medium (FPM) is a dehydrated powder medium (DPM) designed specifically for fermentation applications to support high cell density cultures of Escherichia coli.

 Cell expansion

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As the highest volume media manufacturer, we can help you increase productivity, mitigate supply risks, and improve efficiency.

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Plasmid transfection

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To achieve efficient gene transfer by transfection, plasmid DNA can be complexed with lipid reagents to mediate efficient delivery into the cell's nucleus. We offer an array of plasmid transfection products.

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Viral vector production

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No matter the production scale or cell lines used, we can supply you with state-of-the-art products across your upstream viral vector production workflow.

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Browse our innovative chromatography solutions specifically designed to improve the downstream purification of viral vectors, including the Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), lentivirus, and AdenovirusType 5 (Adv5), as well as mRNA.

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QC lot release and risk mitigation

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We're here to support your implementation of our bioproduction solution to align with regulatory requirements, from evaluation through validation and regulatory review.

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Bulk storage, fill, and finish

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Thermo Fisher provides drug product fill, finish, and storage solutions, including sterile container systems for therapy delivery.

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Scientist analyzes DNA gel used in genetics.

Our products in action

Case studies and articles spotlighting Thermo Fisher Scientific gene therapy solutions.

Process liquid and buffer preparation services

Outsourcing trusted-weight dry powder buffers to support expansion of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer’s gene therapy division.

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AAV vector process development: achieving high purity and high yield

Expert roundtable: experiences from the frontline.

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Upstream and downstream solutions for AAV manufacturing

Identifying opportunities for process optimization of AAV manufacturing workflows to support scalable viral vector manufacturing to meet increasing demand.

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U.S. approval of three rapid microbiological methods for MACI product release

An autologous cell therapy product release.

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Optimized cell culture for the bench and beyond

Supporting the commercialization of cell culture processes with a simple and effective solution: the Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory system.

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Optimizing the HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor for adherent cell culture on microcarriers

Studying the performance of 50 L and 250 L HyPerforma S.U.B.s.

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