Gibco GlycanTune Total Feeds

Precision meets predictability

Gibco™ GlycanTune™ Total Feeds are chemically defined, animal origin–free supplements that let you achieve consistent protein quality by dialing in your specific glycan profile. Shift glycan profiles from heavily G0F to primarily G1F & G2F glycans using A+/B+/C+ Total Feeds. Simplify glycan targeting and reduce guesswork with our easy-to-use pH-neutral options.

Learn which supplement (A+/B+/C+) is right for you.

Advantages of GlycanTune Total Feeds

With GlycanTune Total Feeds, you acquire multiple capabilities that enable more control and consistency as you obtain your desired glycan profiles.

  • Replace your normal feeds with GlycanTune Total Feeds at the time of glycan shifting and obtain a predictable, linear glycan response.
  • Improve protein quality by shifting glycan expression to mostly G1 and G2, with as much as 45% reduction in G0, and without significant loss in performance.
  • Gain ~20% more bioreactor utilization with less product dilution, more space for an additional feeding and/or more working volume to start your run.
  • Store hydrated product at room temperature for up to 30 days, use fewer bioreactor connections, and reduce the chances of contamination.
  • Simple reconstitution with just water results in fewer parts, fewer reconstitution steps, and reduced opportunities for operator error.

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Shift data for GlycanTune C+

The timing of transition from Gibco™ EfficientFeed™ C+ AGT™ Supplement (EFC+) to GlycanTune C+ Total Feed (GTC+) provides a predictable linear response and makes it possible to target specific glycosylation profiles. Modulate G0F from 75% down to 32%, while increasing G1F (1 and 2) and increasing G2F.


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EfficientFeed A+ 

Consider Gibco™ EfficientFeed™ A+ AGT™ Supplement when:

  • You wish to explore simpler reconstitution and super-concentration benefits of new technology for delivery of key components
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