Partner with Gibco PD-Express Services for bioproduction solutions

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Partner with Gibco PD-Express Services for unique bioproduction solutions developed to meet your early phase needs and advance your goals.

We understand the challenges of early phase development and recognize that each project has unique challenges and targeted outcomes. When you choose Gibco PD-Express Services, we’ll assign a dedicated team of our experts to assess your project’s unique requirements. We will then develop a customized solution of media and cell line development services to address your goals.

Combining our trusted Gibco products, extensive process knowledge, and proven ability to deliver projects on time, we’ll help you achieve your objectives and get to market quickly.

PD-Express Services capabilities

No matter what your project or your goals are, Gibco PD-Express Services has the experience necessary to meet your needs. Solve cell line, media, and process development challenges.



Cell line development services

Freedom Kits provide the components and workflow solutions you need for transfection, expression, clone creation, and stable cell line selection, plus flexible royalty-free licensing options.

Catalog product evaluations and consultation

Utilizing our extensive portfolio of catalog products, the Gibco PD-Express team can provide you with off-the-shelf solutions that are ready to ship, helping you save time, effort, and costs for your unique production requirements.

Media and feed panel evaluations

Our Media & Feed Panel Evaluations provide rapid access to a diverse media library. Allow our scientific experts to help identify optimal media for target clones, leading to improved productivity and titers. 

Media and feed development projects

Our customized media and feed development projects can help you develop or optimize your upstream processes. Projects can be completed at your facility or ours, with our team of experts developing a plan to specifically achieve your goals and speed up your time to market.

Media analytics services

Let us help optimize your cell culture systems with our offering of both standard and custom deep-dive media analytics to support media optimization and troubleshooting.

Gibco rapid prototyping media

Whether you are looking for rapid manufacturing of a prototype formulation, thinking of making a raw material change, or looking to try one of our industry leading media formats, our non-cGMP Rapid Prototyping Media facility provides rapid turnaround of small-scale prototypes. 

cGMP media manufacturing

We offer state-of-the-art bioproduction of small to large scale cGMP manufacturing for custom formulations in the following formats:

  • Liquid
  • Liquid concentrates
  • Dry Powder Media (DPM) Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) 
Our Team

Our Field Application Scientists are our field experts in biopharmaceutical processes and the use and applications of all Gibco products and PD-Express Services. They have broad expertise in cell culture, process characterization and scale-up, troubleshooting, analytics, product development, process optimization, and technology transfer.

Global Business Development Managers will work with you to develop a project agreement that addresses your requirements. Agreements range from simplified methods for a quicker start to a project, to more in-depth versions that include statements of work and service agreements. Our business development managers also support additions to existing agreements or can develop new supply agreements with you. They will leverage their extensive knowledge of biotech business modeling and life science investment evaluation to craft agreements that are mutually beneficial and efficient.

Our Gibco PD-Express R&D Scientists will share their decades of experience by partnering with you to achieve your project goals. They understand the importance of meeting your development needs today, while also building an effective framework that enables future manufacturing success. Our teams and facilities are equipped to support a wide range of biological platforms, including antibodies, viruses, recombinant proteins, and cell therapies, and we have worked with a variety of mammalian and insect cell types, including CHO-S, DG44, GS-CHO, CHO-K1, DuxB11, HEK 293, VERO, NSO, Sf9 and Sf21, Myeloma, and T-cells.

The Gibco PD-Express Services Project Management team will manage project scope, mitigate project risk, manage timelines and meetings, capture key decisions and action items, and confirm their closure to ensure that your project is completed on time and achieves your goals. Our Project Management team members are PMP® Certified and adhere to the highest standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


The Gibco PD-Express Services team has decades of experience working closely with our customers to develop unique solutions. Our team will partner with you, using its expertise and broad library of products and services, to help shorten your time to market and save you money.

No matter where your team is, we are there to support you around the world.

Let us be your advantage. 

Benefits of partnership

Let us be your partners as you move from discovery to commercial production. Our approach to deliver unique solutions will be your advantage through:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Access to our expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Superior Customer Service

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