Chromatography and Purification Solutions for Bioprocessing

Our portfolio of purification products and solutions is designed to deliver high-purity biopharmaceuticals and to increase productivity and effiency in your downstream process. Our chromatography solutions enable process developers to purify even the most complex biomolecules. Find out how we help simplify your purification workflow with a unique set of chromatography resins,  pre-packed columns and services.

Products and Applications

Bioprocess Chromatography Resins

Our bioprocess chromatography resins for clinical and commercial manufacturing are the industry standard for process-scale purification for a wide variety of biotherapeutics.

Research Scale Purification Resins

A unique set of affinity resins for small-scale purification of antibodies, blood proteins, and hormones; including a novel affinity-tag system for easy purification of recombinant proteins.

Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

Save time and money with pre-packed chromatography columns ranging in size from process development and bench-scale purification to bioprocess chromatography columns.

Custom Chromatography Services

Our custom ligand and chromatography resin services enable the development of novel purification resins, providing a unique solution to solve your specific purification challenges.

Analytical Columns and Products

A range of analytical chromatography columns to meet your needs for biomolecule quantitation and purity assessment. Our conjugated affinity ligands allow for easy analytical assay development.

CaptureSelect and POROS technology

To meet your downstream processing needs we have developed a large portfolio of high performing resins based on our novel CaptureSelect affinity ligand and POROS bead technology.

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Thermo Fisher Bioprocessing Portfolio

Upstream bioprocessing

Develop and scale biomanufacturing processes efficiently with trusted technologies and full-service support.

Downstream bioprocessing

Streamline downstream biomanufacturing and improve product quality with innovative technologies and outsourcing services to drive efficiency.

Assurance of supply

We strive to support industry growth by investing in capacity and quality systems for a reliable supply of critical materials.

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