POROS CaptureSelect AAV resins are the first affinity chromatography resins for the purification of viral vectors that are in use for gene therapy applications. The resins are specifically intended for the purification of adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles of different subtypes.

The unique CaptureSelect ligand technology is combined with the large pore structure of POROS resins to enable the development of large biomolecules such as viral vectors and vaccines. The POROS CaptureSelect AAV affinity resins are designed to significantly improve downstream processing by reducing the number of purification steps and offering scalability, thus maximizing processing consistency and productivity.

Benefit from:

  • High selectivity and capacity in the purification of viral vectors
  • A fast, robust, high yield and purity, from crude material in one step, purification process, offering scalability and processing consistency
  • Significant improvement to downstream processing, by reducing the purification steps and maximizing productivity

POROS CaptureSelect resins and reagents for viral vector purification

The large pore structure of POROS CaptureSelect AAV affinity resins makes them suited for purifying large, complex AAV vectors, supporting chromatographic separations at considerably faster flow rates than conventional liquid chromatography separations while maintaining high dynamic binding capacity. In addition, the 50 μm particle size provides superior resolution for excellent single-step impurity clearance that is independent of scale and flow rate. These affinity resins address the high-selectivity and high-capacity requirements for purifying viral vectors, exhibiting capacities of >1014 viral genomes per milliliter (vg)/mL (Table 1).

  Binding Capacity (vg/mL) Serotype Affinity
POROS CaptureSelect AAV8 >1013 AAV8
POROS CaptureSelect AAV9 >1014 AAV9
POROS CaptureSelect AAVX >1013 AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV4, AAV5. AAV6, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, AAVrh10**

Table 1. Summary of POROS CaptureSelect AAV affinity resin properties

* Binding capacity will vary based on serotype, feed stream, additives, and mutations to parent serotypes

** The AAVX Affinity Matrix has demonstrated binding reactivity towards a large set of AAV serotypes (including chimeric vectors), suggesting that an even broader range of AAV serotypes might be purified by this resin.

POROS CaptureSelect resins and reagents for purification of viral vectors

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