Gibco Process Liquid products of varying package sizes

Streamline process liquid and buffer manufacturing

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers Gibco Process Liquids and buffer solutions to help customers accelerate speed-to-market and improve productivity by simplifying their process liquid and buffer preparation activities. Biomanufacturing customers can maximize productivity from early phase clinical trials through commercialization by outsourcing their liquids and buffer preparation.

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Gibco Process Liquids can help:

  • Streamline in-house hydration processes
  • Scale up the bioprocessing goals
  • Alleviate storage challenges
  • Save time and resources
  • Gibco Process Liquids solutions:

  • Are CGMP manufactured
  • Come in a variety of package sizes
  • Can be used in upstream and downstream bioprocessing
  • Gibco Process Liquids Catalog Products

    The Gibco Process Liquids Catalog Products are high-quality, ready-to-use products that come with accessible quality documentation to help facilitate efficient and compliant bioprocessing. Catalog products are available in a range of volumes to help meet bioprocessing goals at any scale.

    Products from the catalog are made-to-stock (MTS), so you can order now.

    Ordering information

    Gibco Process Liquids and Buffers Library

    Available in multiple formats—including ready-to-use liquids and concentrates.

    The Gibco Process Liquids and Buffers Library includes common solutions and concentrates that are made-to-order (MTO) and available in multiple sizes to help accelerate the manufacturing process.

    Manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations, products from this library can be used in a variety of upstream and downstream bioproduction applications. Solutions from this library have established formulations and packaging options, including bioprocess containers (BPCs), and have been tested so you can order now with confidence.

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    Solutions from this library include:

    DescriptionUnit sizeCat. No.
    Balanced salts
    PBS (1X), pH 7.45LA58313BA
    PBS (10X), pH 7.45LA59065BA
    DPBS (1X), no calcium, no
    5L BPCA59095BA
    20L BPCA59095BB
    50L BPCA59095BC
    100L BPCA59095BD
    200L BPCA59095BE
    HBSS (1X) with calcium,
    magnesium, phenol red
    5L BPCA59772BA
    20L BPCA59772BB
    50L BPCA59772BC
    100L BPCA59772BD
    200L BPCA59772BE
    DescriptionUnit sizeCat. No.
    Process buffers
    20 mM Sodium Acetate5L BPCA59148BA
    20L BPCA59148BB
    50L BPCA59148BC
    100L BPCA59148BD
    200L BPCA59148BE
    20 mM Sodium Citrate5L BPCA59149BA
    20L BPCA59149BB
    50L BPCA59149BC
    100L BPCA59149BD
    200L BPCA59149BE
    10 mM Histidine5L BPCA59147BA
    20L BPCA59147BB
    50L BPCA59147BC
    100L BPCA59147BD
    200L BPCA59147BE
    100 mM Glycine5L BPCA59151BA
    20L BPCA59151BB
    50L BPCA59151BC
    100L BPCA59151BD
    200L BPCA59151BE
    Tris 20 mM, NaCl 1.5 M5L BPCA59168BA
    20L BPCA59168BB
    50L BPCA59168BC
    100L BPCA59168BD
    200L BPCA59168BE
    MES 50 mM,
    NaCl 200 mM
    5L BPCA59170BA
    20L BPCA59170BB
    50L BPCA59170BC
    100L BPCA59170BD
    200L BPCA59170BE
    DescriptionUnit sizeCat. No.
    5 M NaCl5L BPCA59067BA
    20L BPCA59067BB
    50L BPCA59067BC
    100L BPCA59067BD
    200L BPCA59067BE
    4 M Acetic Acid5L BPCA59169BA
    20L BPCA59169BB
    200L BPCA59169BE
    2 M Acetic Acid5L BPCA59771BA
    20L BPCA59771BB
    200L BPCA59771BC
    2 M NaOH5L BPCA59770BA
    20L BPCA59770BB
    200L BPCA59770BC
    2 M Citric Acid5L BPCA44667BA
    20L BPCA44667BC
    50L BPCA44667BD
    100L BPCA44667BE
    200L BPCA44667BF
    1 M Sodium Citrate5L BPCA44669BA
    20L BPCA44669BC
    50L BPCA44669BD
    100L BPCA44669BE
    200L BPCA44669BF
    3 M Sodium Phosphate
    5L BPCA44670BA
    20L BPCA44670BC
    50L BPCA44670BD
    100L BPCA44670BE
    200L BPCA44670BF
    0.3 M Sodium Phosphate
    5L BPCA44668BA
    20L BPCA44668BC
    50L BPCA44668BD
    100L BPCA44668BE
    200L BPCA44668BF
    DescriptionUnit sizeCat. No.
    Glucose 50% (w/v), High
    Temperature Short Time
    (HTST) Treated
    5L BPCA59343BA
    20L BPCA59343BB
    50L BPCA59343BC
    100L BPCA59343BD
    200L BPCA59343BE
    Glucose 40% (w/v), High
    Temperature Short Time
    (HTST) Treated
    5L BPCA59774BA
    20L BPCA59774BB
    50L BPCA59774BC
    100L BPCA59774BD
    200L BPCA59774BE
    Glucose 25% (w/v), High
    Temperature Short Time
    (HTST) Treated
    5L BPCA59773BA
    20L BPCA59773BB
    50L BPCA59773BC
    100L BPCA59773BD
    200L BPCA59773BE

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