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Ensure supply availability with short lead times and high OTIF performance

The bioproduction process requires careful planning and inventory management to ensure critical direct materials are available when needed and that risks are mitigated that could result in production delays. Through custom stocking agreements and inventory management, customers receive shortened lead times and improved on-time-in-full (OTIF) performance (e.g., >99.8%).

Managing raw material OTIF with the experts

Having the right raw materials available for production when they’re needed is imperative, as delays can negatively impact production schedules. Manufacturers often mitigate this risk by increasing safety stock, placing additional demand on working capital and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) warehouse space. Our Assurance of Supply Services can help.

Custom Stocking Agreements / Inventory Management
To help ensure supply availability, we evaluate customer’s forecasted demand and supplier’s lead times to determine the necessary inventory levels to be held at our Service Center. We then continuously monitor stocked products to inform recommendations on adjusting stock levels to help ensure we consistently meet our >99.8% OTIF performance target.

As a result, our assurance of supply customers can reduce working capital requirements and help reduce demand for resource-intensive, on-site cGMP warehouse capacity for safety stock.

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