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Meet critical liquid handling needs

Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers (BPCs) and transfer assemblies are disposable single-use flexible container systems commonly used for critical liquid handling applications in the biopharmaceutical and biomanufacturing industries.

The Thermo Scientific product portfolio includes standard and custom BPCs manufactured at multiple facilities. This provides primary and secondary supply options from the same company. 

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Advantages of single-use BPCs and transfer assemblies:

The benefits of sterile single-use systems are well documented and include:

  • Scalable—BPC systems are well suited for use from benchtop to production scale processes.
  • Ready integration—BPC components work well in a variety of high-performance systems for all steps in the production of therapeutic biologics.
  • Operational—Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, the elimination of cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP) systems reduces setup, maintenance, and validation times, enabling increased output.
  • Economic—Help reduce capital investment and labor costs, leading to a reduction in cost of goods sold.
  • Strategic—Enable shorter time to market and reduction of risk earlier in the product development cycle, due to lower investment.
BPCs and fluid transfer assemblies customized to your unique process

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Manufactured in three efficient, cGMP-compliant manufacturing sites: two in North America—Logan, UT, and Millersburg, PA—and one in Cramlington, UK.

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Engineered to meet the most demanding requirements of your bioproduction processes. One or more of our products will meet your production needs.

Featured bioprocess consumable products

Thermo Scientific™ Films

Thermo Scientific films consist of Aegis5-14, for high-value applications; CX5-14, which is one of the most widely used in the industry; ASI 26/77 two layered film with extremely low extractables, for high-value applications; and ASI 28 film, which is a robust, four layer film with excellent oxygen- and moisture-barrier properties.

  • Custom BPCs - BPCs and BPC manifolds—custom made-to-order (MTO) with existing components or engineered-to-order (ETO) for unique configurations ranging in size from 50 mL to 5,000 L.
  • Standard BPCs - Standard BPCs cover a range of applications, sizes and connection systems from 50 mL to 5,000 L. 


Single-Use Sampling Systems

The Thermo Scientific Three60 Single-use Sampling System is a practical method for acquiring samples in a single-use format.

Components of a bioprocess container system

The bioprocess container (BPC) system consists of:

  1. Chamber—A flexible container/bag constructed of specially-designed plastic film with ports to connect with other components of the system. The main selection criteria are working volume, film type, number of ports, and outer container type.
  2. Tubing—Flexible tubing used to link the chamber with the other components of the assembly. The choice of tubing can determine the functionality and economics of the system. Single-use clamps are normally included to control liquid flow.
  3. Connectors—The choice of connection system is critical to the functionality of the BPC. BPC systems can include most commonly accepted connector types, aseptic connectors, as well as sterilizing filters. Selection of the connection system depends on the application and customer preference.
  4. BPC assembly—This term encompasses components 1–3. It is normally sold as a sterile, ready-to-use final single-use product. There are both standard products and custom options available.
  5. Outer support container—Apart from some small volume systems, the BPC assembly requires a solid outer support container. This has to be matched to the chamber dimensions, the weight of the contents, and the functionality required. Outer support containers are available as standard products and are typically reusable items.
  6. Accessories—These provide additional functionality to the system. The most common example is a dolly to provide mobility. Accessories are available as standard products and are typically multiple-use items.
Bioprocess applications
  Support operation Applications BPC solution

Media/Buffer Preparation

Powder delivery

Hydration in open top vessel

Hydration in closed/sterile system


Tank liners with outer support containers

Mixtainer, Single-Use Mixer (S.U.M.)


Sterilization of media and buffers

Custom BPC assembly or manifold including a filter option

Bulk Storage

Sterile storage of media, buffers and intermediates

Standard BPCs with outer support containers

Custom BPCs to cover additional options

Waste Collection

Non-aseptic collection of waste liquid from downstream processing Tank liners for non-aseptic applications


Removal of sample volumes from media/buffer bioreactor, intermediates for analysis

Standard BPCs

Custom manifolds

Custom tubing sets


Bulk sterile liquids, buffers, process liquids and intermediate between facilities

Bulk solutions or suspensions requiring mixing after shipping

Top and bottom drain BPCs with validated shipping configurations


BioProduction resources

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