Rigid containment solutions

Reduce process time and enhance flexibility

Our Nalgene rigid containment tiered portfolio include standard and custom bottles and carboys to cover a wide range of applications, sizes, and connection systems. With the addition of platinum clean rigid containment products, designed specifically for the storage and transport of active, high-value pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk intermediates. Our bottles and carboys help to create flexible operating systems when integrated with Thermo Scientific hardware, automation platforms, and other accessories for rapid scale-up—from process development to commercial manufacturing.

The Nalgene rigid containment tiered portfolio approach

The tiered portfolio approach for production bottles and carboys provides a range of high-quality sterile storage and transport options while addressing particulate level (USP <788>), endotoxin level, and sterility requirements. By choosing the “level of clean” required for your application, you can help enable quality and regulatory compliance.

Choose your level of clean:

Standard Clean

  • Available sterile or nonsterile
  • Manufactured from high-quality resins
  • Dimensionally optimized design
  • Features handles, volume graduations, and leakproof* closures

Certified Clean

  • SAL of 10–6 inside and outside of the container
  • Compliant with USP <788>
  • <0.5 EU/mL endotoxin
  • Produced in clean room
  • Triple-layer packaging
  • Double-walled carton

Platinum Certified Clean

  • SAL of 10–6 inside and outside of the container
  • Below one-third of the allowable USP <788> particulate limits
  • <0.25 EU/mL endotoxin
  • Washed with WFI and inspected, assembled, and packaged in Class 5 (100) cleanrooms with Class 4 (10) hoods and full gowning for operators
  • Triple-layer packaging
  • Double-walled carton
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How do you select the best containers for your application?

Container cleanliness is critical. Understanding different cleanliness and validation options, as well as their impact, can help you to identify quality products that will not influence the integrity of your product. Find out about what you need to consider when selecting a container for your biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

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* Our guarantee for a leakproof seal is subject to our standard product warranty, as set forth in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Terms and Conditions of Sale. Our products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their corresponding closures. However, to ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test our containers and closures under conditions of their planned applications.

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