Save valuable resources—dedicate your time to the manufacturing process, not cleaning

Whether your cleaning needs require high volumes or smaller quantities, Thermo Scientific critical container processing and cleaning services have the flexibility to meet your requirements. We have the capability to clean plastic or glass containers up to 50 L. Choose from the wide variety of Thermo Scientific containers or send us your own to process.

Containers for critical environment applications are processed and certified to each customer's specifications. To see how easily your custom application can become routine, fill in our custom cleaning specification sheet and receive feedback from our customer service specialists.

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Recommended for biopharma, vaccine, and quality control applications

All cleaning services and packaging can be done in our certified class 100/10 clean room with full traceability. Thermo Scientific processes available for standard and custom containers include:

  • Surface modification services
  • Custom packaging services
  • Class 100/10 cleaning services

Processes available for standard and custom containers

Low particle cleaning

Low particle processing is designed for use in any clean room applications, exceeding USP requirements, with validated claims lower than 1/3 the allowable particulates according to USP 788 specifications. Containers and closures are cleaned in proprietary, specially designed, HEPA-filtered washing/drying equipment in our Class 100 cleanrooms and clean-packaged in Class 10 HEPA filtered workstations.


Low endotoxin containers are designed for use in packaging when contents will be terminally sterilized or in lab environments where endotoxin content must be carefully limited or eliminated. Containers are cleaned in proprietary HEPA-filtered washing equipment with endotoxin-free water, depyrogenated at 250°C, and clean-packaged in HEPA-filtered workstations located inside our Class 100/10 clean rooms.

Chemical cleaning for trace analysis

You have your choice of a combination of several different cleaning methods developed for removal of trace inorganic, trace organic, volatile organic, or total organic carbon residues. These methods provide assurance that your packaging or analytical results are free from contaminants. Available with clean room packaging or standard packaging. Cleaning and certification services are available for many parameters, including:

  • Trace inorganics (metals)
  • Trace volatile organic compounds
  • Particle counting
  • Trace semivolatile organic compounds
  • Trace organic carbon
  • Trace pesticides/herbicides

Custom Sterilization services

We offer a number of sterilization services to effectively destroy all viable forms of life, including the option of a validated sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 according to USP <71>. Services include gamma irradiation or autoclave options. Several configurations are prevalidated; however, validation, packaging integrity, shelf life studies, and ship testing can all be part of the customized services package

Thermo Scientific custom processing services

Save resources with custom processing, packaging and sterilization services by leaving the cleaning of your critical application containers to us. We have the capability to clean glass or plastic containers, stoppers, closures or other component parts up to 50 L in size. All services and packaging are performed in our ISO 9001 registered facility using certified Class 10 packaging areas in Class 100 clean rooms with documented traceability and GMP compliance

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