Automation and Control Software

High-performance software control platforms, enhancing both user experience and data aggregation

Thermo Scientific TruBio, TruChrom, and TruPur automation software powered on the DeltaV Distributed Control Platform from Emerson facilitate easy integration of multiple vessels to streamline process control and data management from research to production scale applications—combining robust data transferability, ease of scale-up processes, and intuitive technology. Partner these with Thermo Scientific controllers to create a complete system to aggregate process data via a singular, robust DeltaV historian. This standard control platform and software interface can help to minimize the engineering effort and time spent when navigating through the process stages of vaccine production and biomanufacturing—when speed to market is often what differentiates leaders from the competition within the industry.

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Free Webinar: Single-Use Bioprocess Platform for  Veterinary Vaccine and Biopharmaceutical Pilot-Scale Production

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the implementation journey taken to accelerate veterinary biological product development, identify the challenges of integrating vaccine and biopharmaceutical processes, and learn more about single use qualification and implementation process in a multi-product facility

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Research and Process Development Applications

Automation and Control Software for Research Applications

TruBio Discovery Bioprocess Control Software brings the combined power of TruBio software in defining process control strategies along with Emerson's DeltaV Discovery Platform, non-GMP laboratory applications. It provides a simplified solution to meet the needs of discovery research and process development labs while providing the benefits of transferring to processes requiring a higher level of qualification and control. This system utilizes a single workstation-based controller to execute process control strategies, which are typically assigned to a physical controller such as the TruLogic controller (hosting conventional DeltaV) thereby reducing footprint.

Clinical to Production Scale

Automation and Control Software for Production Scale Applications

TruBio Bioprocess Control Software with conventional DeltaV and the Thermo Scientific TruLogic Controller is pre-configured with algorithms for controlling bioprocess parameters and feed strategy. With multiple sensor loops as well as gas and liquid addition capability, this software can be used with both Thermo Scientific HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactors (S.U.B.s) as well as other third-party bioreactors to provide perfect process control platform from research through commercial manufacturing.

TruChrom and TruPur downstream software
Based on the same robust, validated TruBio software platform, TruChrom and TruPur automation software are designed specifically to control chromatography and purification skids, allowing integration and control of downstream processes.

As more open and flexible systems are made available in the bioprocessing market, it’s important to select equipment that meets both your present and future needs. 

Read the full interview with process development professionals from Biogen to learn how integrated automation solutions can help provide interconnectivity and real-time data.

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For advanced control strategies and for GMP PD applications, please refer to the following Automation packages listed below. Please note these automation packages only include the software package. Vessels and G3 controllers are sold separately.

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