Next-generation bioprocess harvest solution

The first step in the recombinant biotherapeutic downstream process is harvesting cell culture fluid containing the product. Conventional approaches for performing this unit operation utilize a combination of depth filtration, centrifugation, and membrane filtration. These technologies utilize differences in density and in size as the principles of separation. As cell culture processes are intensified to yield higher cell densities and product titers, the ability to effectively harvest the cell culture fluid with the consistency and scalability required becomes challenging.

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Thermo Fisher is an authorized reseller of the 3M Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier. The system utilizes fibrous anion exchange (AEX) chromatography to efficiently separate cells, cell debris, and DNA from the harvest fluid containing the target product. Precision quaternary ammonium (Q) functionalized polypropylene fiber, combined with a 0.2 µm PES membrane, provides predictable clarification that is scalable from discovery to commercial manufacturing.

Read this white paper to learn more about the chromatographic clarification of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell cultures and how it has been a challenge for the bioprocessing community, particularly in single-use technology (SUT) formats. Until recently, multi-stage depth filtration has been the preferred solution in single-use (SU) bioprocessing. Accepted alternative solutions have allowed bioprocess engineers to overlook the many challenges of depth filtration.

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3M White Paper

The Chromatographic Clarifier reduces the complex depth filtration process from three steps to a single step, to help reduce time, cost, and risk.

Clarification by size

Key features

  • Capsule format enables typical product recoveries of ≥95%
  • Replaces primary, secondary, and guard membrane clarification stages
  • Predictably scales from discovery to manufacturing in terms of clarification consistency and cell loading capacity
  • Capsules fit into laboratory to manufacturing scale workflows
  • Lower total cost of manufacturing compared to centrifugation and depth filtration
  • No post-use cleaning required, which means that there is no use of caustic or potentially toxic clean-in-place (CIP) agents
  • Lower consumption of buffer and water compared to depth filtration

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is an authorized distributor of 3M Harvest RC.

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