Turnkey single-use bioreactor with Finesse controller
Turnkey single-use bioreactor with Applikon controller
Turnkey single-use bioreactors are designed as complete ‘out-of-the-box’ systems, each paired with an integrated control platform.

The vessel offers the same proven Thermo Scientific™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) mixing technology. The updated design offers new ergonomics and design features to enable increased flexibility and convenience to the user.

The turnkey S.U.B. comes to you integrated with a controller system and offers immediate utility rather than first having to integrate it with an existing control system on site, or a commercially available system. This removes the need to separately acquire and/or integrate the bioreactor with controls and allows for immediate use of the bioreactor.

The Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Container (BPC) is supplied sterilized by irradiation and therefore does not require any facility hook-ups for sterilization or cleaning. A key element of the design is the single-use impeller with bearing/seal assembly that couples directly into the external mixer drive.

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Turnkey single-use bioreactor key system features and advantages:

  • Pre-configured for rapid on-site setup.
  • Tunable process control system optimized for mammalian cell culture.
  • Overhead stirred-tank reactor with pre-assembled single-use agitation assembly in BPC.
  • Direct mechanically-coupled drive.
  • Classical geometry and design.
  • Ready-to-use out of the box.
  • BPCs are forward and backward compatible in all S.U.B. vessels.
  • Left- and right-side configurable.
  • Volume indications.
  • Used in research and development (R & D) and process development (PD) applications.
  • Used in cGMP manufacturing.

Components of turnkey single-use bioreactors

The turnkey single-use bioreactor systems consist of three primary components:

  • Outer support container with a mixer motor, load cells, electrical heater or water jacket and a tubing and cable management solution, all on a mobile cart (except 2000 L size).
  • Control system with touchscreen monitor, for process management of critical parameters such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, pressure and agitation. Multiple control platforms available from two controls companies.
  • Single-use bioreactor BioProcess Container (BPC)—this bioprocess container is the single-use consumable required for use with the bioreactor hardware; it is supplied sterile and ready-to-use and comes complete with the agitator (impeller) assembly, spargers, vent filter, sensor ports and/or sensors and line sets for media, supplements and harvest.

Each integrated single-use bioreactor control system version is capable of managing agitation, batch temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, overlay pressure, vessel mass, liquid pumps, vent heaters and gas mass flow controllers. The associated control software is oriented to provide an easy-to-use interface for cell culture applications and automatically logs all system process values and settings for later viewing or export. Most controller choices are cGMP-compliant and can also control multiple bioreactors simultaneously.

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