Flexibility and speed for productivity and performance in process development and manufacturing

The Thermo Scientific HyPeak Single-Use Chromatography System is our latest innovation in single use technology—a high-performance solution with wide operational range and flexible design that meets the high performing demands of modern downstream bioprocessing. It is a complete single-use solution for protein purification, a principal process step in downstream bioprocessing, in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and viral vector (VV) production.


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With three pump sizes and fluid transfer assemblies in different sizes, the HyPeak Single-Use Chromatography System provides a wide flow range, five different pump configurations (minimum two pumps and maximum three pumps) and fluid transfer suitable for process development and manufacturing. The unique single-use manifold design reduces the risks associated with traditional pinch valves. The novel manifold design with zero dead leg valve and a ring flush design allows flushing of the previous phase liquids instantly prior to starting next phase.

The single-use fluid transfer assemblies are optimized to minimize hold-up volume, and the individual transfer assembly sizes are matched to the flow rates with single-use pump heads and single-use sensors. All wetted materials used in the flow path are verified for chemical compatibility and resistance to commonly used solvents/solutions. To minimize the risk of leaks at connections, the single-use transfer assemblies feature the Thermo Scientific BioTitan Retention Device.

Thermo Scientific TruChrom automation software powered on the DeltaV Distributed Control Platform from Emerson* is easy to set up and run and ensures seamless data migration from process development to cGMP manufacturing. Additionally, it enables continuity from upstream to downstream processing for customers using Thermo Scientific TruBio software provided with our HyPerforma S.U.B.s, S.U.F.s and S.U.M.s. Default batch recipes can be modified per the user requirements providing time savings.

Ergonomic, space-saving design of the HyPeak Single-Use Chromatography System provides the operator comfortable and easy access for system operation and maintenance including fluid transfer assembly installation and operator interface for monitoring and control. 

Unique manifold design​

  • Easy and error free fluid transfer assembly insertion​
  • Enables Up/Down column flow 

Wide operational flow range​

  • Flowrates from 1 L/hr to 1,980 L/hr depending on equipment configuration​
  • Low pulsation pumps​

Zero dead leg valve and ring flush design

  • Reduced buffer use
  • Improved peak resolution and product yield​

Built on the Emerson DeltaV automation platform​

  • Ease of tech transfer and data integration
  • Ability to leverage existing DeltaV network infrastructure​

*DeltaV is a trademark of Emerson Electric Co.

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