Thermo Scientific™  single-use systems are commonly used to store and transport sterile process liquids, buffers, culture media, and bulk drug precursors. Apart from small two-dimensional (2-D) designs, all Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Container (BPC) systems require at least a simple outer support container.

Our portfolio of outer support containers are designed to hold BPCs and tank liners for in-process or transportation needs. Support containers are reusable, and matched to the chamber dimensions, the weight of the contents, and the functionality required. The interaction between the BPCs and the outer container system is important even in simple liquid handling applications where the BPC system is not shipped. It becomes even more critical where transportation takes place, and in more complex applications where mixing is involved.

Outer support containers designed for storage, collection, harvest, and other process/production needs.

Selecting BPCs and their outer support containers

When choosing BPCs and their outer support containers, design considerations depend on:

  • Application — Storage, mixing, waste collection, or shipping
  • Batch size, filling, and emptying — Determines the volume and port size
  • Number of process steps — Determines the number of ports and their location

Plastic and stainless steel outer container systems

Outer support containers are available in two types of material:

  • Plastic outer support containers — For in-house and transportation applications.

    For applications involving shipping, we’ve developed bottom-drain polyethylene drum designs.

  • Stainless steel outer support containers — For larger, more complicated BPC systems; manufactured in stainless steel.

    Examples of standard products include the Smartainer™ II Stainless Steel Container, with a range of outer container systems in volumes up to 2000L.

Outer support containers support two primary needs:
  1. In-process/production — Storage and collection, media/buffer preparation, and waste collection, including the Smartainer™ II, AllpaQ™ bin products, Thermo Scientific™ drums, and industry-standard cylindrical tanks.
  2. Transport — Large volume liquid shipping including Smartainer Shipper, AllpaQ bins, and Thermo Scientific drums. 

We have outer support containers that can support both functions, and options for short- or long-term uses in critical or non-critical applications.

Additional options to support bioprocessing needs

  • If custom media or standard liquids are required for your bioprocessing needs, we routinely deliver liquid media and buffers in our BPC in outer support containers to customers around the world.
  • For mixing needs, our single-use mixing systems offer a range of options.
  • For the most advanced options, look to the single-use bioreactor systems, our most complex systems, which include process analytics, heating, and load cell systems.

BioProduction resources

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