Single-use services

Protect your process from downtime

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a trusted partner for your automation and single-use bioprocess equipment needs. We understand the importance of maximizing your operational efficiencies and minimizing downtime throughout your manufacturing processes. As a way of protecting your equipment performance throughout its lifecycle, we offer our Thermo Scientific Bioprocess Integrated Services.

Service plans designed for your processes

This full range of service solutions, supported by dedicated service engineers, are designed to protect your processes against unforeseen downtime, help ensure productivity, improve operational costs, and help enable your facility to function at a maximum operational capacity.

Services include:

Bioprocess Integrated Services Annual Contracts

Thermo Scientific Bioprocess Integrated Services Annual Contracts

These flexible service plans can be optimized to help meet your critical care needs. Talk to your service professional to create the best plan to fit your specific process.

  1. Premier service plan: Our highest level of assurance that is created to protect your equipment and processes from unforeseen issues
  2. Essential service plan: Top rated to maximize equipment and process uptime
  3. Tech direct service plan: Budget friendly plan to help ensure repair and services
  4. Extended warranty and extended enhanced warranty plans: Added protection and extends the manufacturer's warranty
 PremierEssentialTech directEnhanced extended warrantyExtended warranty 
Response onsite for time zones 1 and 24 days5 days6–7 days5–7 days5–7 days
 Target response outside zone 2 has delay of 2 days
Repair partsIncluded10% discount5% discountIncludedIncluded
Annual preventative maintenance (PM)1 PM annually1 PM annually15% discount1 annually start second yearNA
Priority response technical support and application24-hour response24-hour response48-hour response24-hour response24-hour response
Remote supportIncludedIncludedNAIncludedNA
Repair, travel, and laborIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Priority schedulingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
TruBio software training

15% discount


10% discount

5% discount

5% discount

5% discount

Spare parts

15% discount

10% discount

5% discount

5% discount

5% discount

Note: Preventative maintenance services must be used within the contractual period. Additional spare parts with plan are discountable.

Preventative maintenance

Thermo Scientific Preventative Maintenance Service

To maximize uptime of bioprocess equipment, our fully qualified field service engineers are available to perform maintenance, or support replacement parts. Our preventative maintenance plan can provide the right balance between the service you require for your equipment and your budgetary needs.

Technical support and training

Thermo Scientific Technical Support and Training Services

Our global team of technical professionals empowers our customers to push the boundaries of innovation through collaboration, technical engagement, and service support. This team is committed to quality and is equipped with the know-how to bring solutions together and optimize existing resources from discovery through commercial production.

Leverage and collaborate with this team today through various channels, tailored to fit your needs:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Customer Centers

Customer Centers

Hands-on workshops for product introductions and interactions, workflow education, and pilot scale proof-of-concept testing; currently available in Utah, UK, China, Korea, and Singapore.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Knowledge Culture Experiences

Knowledge Culture Experiences

On-site seminars and virtual webinars focused on customer applications and solving challenges.

Project management

Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioprocess Equipment and Automation Project Management Team
Our BioProduction Equipment Automation Project Management Team closes the gap between customer needs and solutions, offering consistency from start to finish. This team works directly with you to create a great user experience and helps ensure adherence to individual end user requirement specifications. With a team of subject matter experts, our knowledge and hands-on operational expertise allow for robust and comprehensive support in the following areas:
  • Scope and cost controls
  • Stage gate methodology
  • Risk mitigation
  • Root case problem-solving

Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing: