Through the acquisition of BAC BV in January 2013, Thermo Fisher Scientific added a unique set of innovative and proprietary affinity ligands to our POROS® chromatography resin capabilities, enabling us to broaden our support for the entire bioproduction process—from cell line development and culture through product purification and testing.

BAC’s CaptureSelect™ Products and Services help perform bioseparation and life science applications with greater stability, affinity, and selectivity.


As part of the integration process over the next few months, BAC marketing materials, technical documentation, and packaging will be rebranded under Thermo Scientific™, and product names and some order codes (part numbers) may change. Rest assured that, although the shipping boxes and product packaging will look different, they contain the same high-quality products you’ve come to trust:

  • Process-scale products—products—products for large-scale purification of biomolecules with paired leakage assays for process development or routine quality control processes.
  • Analytical products—prepacked POROS® CaptureSelect® Affinity Columns designed for quantitation and small-scale purification.
  • Custom ligand and resin development—custom ligand discovery program and POROS® affinity resin development for small- to large-scale purification of biomolecules and media scavenging of impurities.
  • Lab-scale purification—ready-to-use immobilized products for a variety of applications.


Among the applications supported by our immobilized products for lab-scale purification are:

  • Antibody purification—Antibody Toolbox® products purify antibodies in any format with high affinity and specificity
  • Protein purification—products enable the single-step purification of selected therapeutic proteins or fusion proteins
  • Sample preparation—Proteomics Toolbox® products are designed for single-use, single-step sample preparation from human plasma or serum
  • Ligand conjugates—CaptureSelect® ligands chemically conjugated to biotin are ideal for use in analytical assays

For questions about the integration or help with ordering products, please contact us.

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