Prevail with tools to help unravel the complexities of cancer cells

Scientific advancements happening now have the potential to advance our shared pursuit of life without cancer. We’re committed to working with you, the research and medical communities, to accelerate cancer research by pioneering improvements in investigations that may impact tumor detection and selection, and response to therapy.

GeneArt™ Engineered Cell Models help cancer researchers to better understand the cellular and molecular biology of cancer cells. The collection includes over 500 genetically defined cancer cell lines that accurately model cancer-causing mutations found in human samples. These models aid in the study of how complex genetic diseases manifest, and they can reduce costs associated with drug development, including:

  • Target identification
  • Target validation
  • Assay development
  • Drug screening
  • Lead optimization
  • Biomarker-driven clinical trial design

The GeneArt Engineered Cell Model offering includes gene knockout and knock-in for colon, breast, leukemia, lung, connective tissue, pancreas and skin cancer lines.

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