Cancer Genomics

Pioneer the path to precision genomics

With over 25 years of experience serving the cancer research community, we are focused on developing the right products, services, and support to meet the unique challenges of cancer genomics research.

Cancer genomics research applications

With access to these innovative products and platforms, you can uncover the genetic variants and RNA signatures you need to power your next breakthrough.

Targeted NGS assays for cancer research

Explore Oncomine assays and Ion AmpliSeq technology and panels.

Cancer RNA expression

Uncover RNA signatures that provide new insights in the identification, characterization, and progression of cancer subtypes.

Ion AmpliSeq technology

Simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted sequencing.

Cancer genotyping assays: somatic and germline

Accurately screen or confirm somatic and germline variants of choice using sequencing and real-time PCR.

Targeted NGS solutions for oncology research

Focus your cancer research with end-to-end targeted sequencing solutions including sample to analysis and report for solid tumor samples, immuno-oncology, and more.

Cancer epigenetics

Identify epigenetic changes that occur during tumor progression.

Liquid biopsy research

Detect new biomarkers and develop future tests from NGS analyses of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in serially collected whole-blood research samples.

Whole exome sequencing

Discover new biomarkers for cancer research using exome sequencing.

Laser capture microdissection

Isolate pure populations of cancer cells from tumor tissues.

Copy number analysis with microarrays

Microarrays are the platform of choice for detecting DNA structural variants (SV) such as chromosome insertions, duplications, and deletions.

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