Our experts leverage years of cancer genomic and bioinformatics experience and Oncomine® Platform enabled research capabilities to help answer your critical cancer research questions.

  • Novel target discovery and validation
  • Selection of patient populations for targeted therapies
  • Identification of predictive genomic biomarkers
  • Characterization of molecular subtypes of disease
  • Integrated analysis of new and emerging data types (NGS)

Understanding a molecular target or a biomarker and selecting an optimal patient population for a successful clinical trial are critical for any drug discovery program. Scientists from the Compendia Bioscience™ Translational Bioinformatics team develop custom reports to help expedite your efforts in:

  • Target discovery
  • Target validation
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Clinical population selection

Our PhD-level scientists can help you handle big data, and streamline your target and biomarker discovery efforts, saving you time and money. With years of experience and expertise in clinical trial design, molecular diagnostics, and bioinformatics, our scientists execute custom fee-for-service projects for clients with unique challenges.

  • Expertise in all proprietary tools and research environments
  • Access to proprietary capabilities
  • Ability to create new custom environments and tools supporting novel analyses

Target survey report

Contact our team for a complete genomic profile of a target, pathway, or family of genes, with underlying support data.

The target survey characterizes amplification, mutation, expression frequency, and differential expression in all major cancer types and subtypes. The report includes integrated analysis across multiple aberration types and recommendations for preclinical model systems based on the clinical relevance of your target gene.

Our team

The members of the Compendia Bioscience Translational Bioinformatics team are veterans of the drug discovery and development process. They bring decades of experience, a wealth of publications,  and a range of specialized skills to each project in the application of genomics data and genomics tools to address key cancer research and drug development questions.

As part of our custom services, they provide expert-guided access to:

  • The power of the Oncomine® Platform
  • Integrative analysis of multidimensional data from next-generation sequencing studies
  • Tailored projects to fit the needs of your research
  • Over 35,000 de-identified clinical samples, 1,200 cell line models, 5,000 NGS exomes, and 5,000 transcriptional signatures
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